Know issue with Intune support on iOS 12

If users upgrade to iOS 12 within the next hours, they may face a problem. There is a known bug in Exchange Active Sync support that occurs under iOS 12 in the native mail app (but not in the Outlook app).


I became aware of this problem yesterday via Twitter. Tero Alhonen points out that the iOS 12 email feature causes a problem with Exchange Active Sync (EAS) in conjunction with Intune and the iOS 12 mail app. 

Microsoft has published this Technet blog post with more details about that issue. Microsoft confirms the known issues with iOS 12, in combination with EAS and Conditional Access Policies. Microsoft is working on a fix and plans to release it as soon as possible, max. 48 hours after iOS 12 has been available.

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5 Responses to Know issue with Intune support on iOS 12

  1. Doc says:

    "Know issue"? LOL should be "known."

  2. Ron says:

    FYI, we use MobileIron instead of Intune, and we are experiencing the same issue. After upgrading to IOS 12, the native email app stops syncing.

    Is there going to be a patch for On-Premise Exchange 2010 SP3?



  3. AL says:

    Hi Ron,

    We have the same issue on our devices and we use MobileIron.

    I've discovered that if you remove the device in the MI console and reregister the device, the emails started working again.

    Not sure if it will work in your environment but might be worth a shot.

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  5. Phil says:

    Same here on MobileIron. Need a fix!

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