Microsoft: ‘OneNote app will be better than Win32 application’

Microsoft has stopped the development of the Win32 version of OneNote and offers only a Windows 10 app with reduced functions. But this is supposed to change ‘soon’, the OneNote app has big plans.


Some time ago Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the OneNote Win32 application (OneNote 2016 is the last version). Users only have the possibility to switch to the Windows 10 OneNote UWP app with reduced functions. Somehow, however, the enthusiasm of the people from the power user group seems to be limited – the rest probably don’t use the stuff. The UWP OneNote app lacks many features of the Win32 application. 

This probably includes basic things like the possibility to send from Outlook to OneNote. Mary Branscombe must have discovered this function in an insider build of the app:

Laura Buttler, Microsoft VP for ‘Notes and Tasks’, responded to the discussion on Twitter. In the following tweet, she promises that the UWP app not only has the functionality parity, but is even better than the desktop app ‘is supposed to become’.


This is the good news for OneNote fans about the start of the week. The bad news: Not yet, you may have to wait. You can read the rest at MS Power User.

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