Windows 10: Update KB4468550 fixes audio bug

[German]Microsoft has responded quickly to audio issues that occurred under various Windows 10 builds after the October 2018 patchday. Update KB4468550, released on October 13, 2018, fixes these audio issues


What’s the problem with audio?

After installing the October 2018 updates, Windows 10 users may have discovered that the audio output no longer worked. People may have received a message that no audio device was installed. You can find a report on

After laptop update, “No Audio Output Device is installed”

I run Windows 10 on a nearly-new laptop. Windows updated last night and suddenly the speakers don’t work. I restarted my laptop, deleted and updated the drivers, and restarted my laptop again – nothing. The troubleshooter is useless. I can’t find any solutions on the internet except “update the drivers until it works.”

Does anyone know what I should do?

On Twitter, a user answered a post by Bleeping Computer that he has audio issues on three HP Omen notebooks after installing updates.

In Microsoft Answers forum there is this thread, which now contains three pages with confirmations from other users: 

Audio Drivers

Since the Windows 10 October update my audio driver for RealTek High Definition Audio no longer functions correctly.  In particular when I play a game, there is NO sound.  I can play video files with sound and I can watch YouTube with sound, but there is no sound when I  play a game.  I’ve called my computer manufacturer ASUS and they walked me through several procedures to “reset” my drivers and correct the issue and finally  determined that there is a software glitch due to the Win 10 update that was auto downloaded to my computer.

How/When is Microsoft going to resolve this?

Some web sites like MS Power User or Bleeping Computer not only took up the topic, but also posted workarounds. In addition to uninstalling the update, it is suggested that you use Windows Device Manager to update the audio driver. Bleeping Computer has the most detailed instructions.

Update KB4468550 fixe the audio bug

But these manual fixes are no longer necessary, because Microsoft has released on October 13, 2018, update KB4468550, which fixes the audio problem. In the KB article Audio stops working after installing Intel audio driver from Windows Update Microsoft writes:


This update addresses an issue where after installing the Intel Smart Sound Technology driver (version via Windows Update or manually, computer audio may stop working. .

According to the KB article, the update is available for Windows 10 Version 1809, Windows 10 Version 1803 and Windows 10 Version 1709 via Windows Update. It will be downloaded and installed automatically. Alternatively, the update can be manually downloaded and installed via Microsoft Update Catalog. The installation of the update requires a restart of the system. After that the audio output should work again.


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