Windows 10 Mobile (V1607) End of live 2019?

[German]Confusion for users of Windows 10 Mobile devices. Support for Windows 10 Mobile V1607 has been ended on October 9, 2018. But, according to a Microsoft post from Friday October 12, 2018, the End of Life is announced for October 9, 2019. I saw it in the RSS feed as a Microsoft announcement on October 12, 2018. But it should be a typo.


End of Support for Windows 10 Mobile V1607

This article talks about devices with Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise that still have version 1607 of this operating system installed. Version 1607 was released in August 2016. On Microsoft's Life Cycle page, the end of support is announced as October 9, 2018. 

Windows 10 Life Cycle 
(Source: Microsoft)

That sounds reasonable, and it was what I thought I know about that. Owners of various devices can upgrade to newer versions of Windows 10 Mobile (if the new build supports these devices). According to Microsoft's Life Cycle page, Windows 10 Mobile are V1703 (release April 2017, support until 11.6.2019) and V1709 (release October 2017, support until 10 December 2019). 

Curious announcement from 10/12/2018

On early Saturday morning I read a RSS feed from Microsoft where a link to KB4468548  has been posted. The Microsoft article KB4468548, dated from October 12, 2018 (last edited Oct. 13, 2018) extends the End of Servicing for these Windows 10 Mobile versions by one year.

. Windows 10 Mobile V1607 End of Life
(Source: Microsoft)


The article says, that Microsoft ended support for the following editions of Windows 10 Mobile, which where released in August 2016 (Version 1607):

  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

At a first I read a date of October 9, 2018, but after I recognized other sites reporting an extension of support, I've had a 2nd look at the MS KB article. There is given a End of Live date October 9, 2019. That would indicate, that the mobile version of Windows 10 V1607 still receives another 12 month updates.

It seems to be a typo

I published at first an article, confirming the end of life for Windows 10 Mobile V1607 for October 2018 within my German blog. After reading later some internet articles, claiming another 12 months support, I amended my German blog post. After the article has been published, some German users pointed out, that the Date October 9, 2019 seem to be a typo.

That sounds logically, and native English speakers (I'm not a native English speaker) should notice this, after reading the text carefully. But I find it extremely confusing for Microsoft to publish an KB article about the end of support (10/09/2018) on October 12, 2018 (the date of change is even given as October 13) and writing an end of life date 10/09/2019 (2019 might be the typo in my interpretation). 

I reached out via Twitter to Microsoft's Jen Gentleman and Joe Belfiore, to check, whether the end of life date is extended or if it's just a typo.

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