Silverlight Update KB4481252 (01/15/2019)

Windows Update[German]Another brief information: Microsoft has released update KB4481252 for Silverlight on January 15, 2019. Here is some information about what you should know.


I got yesterday two user comments about that update. One user commented that under Windows 7 an update KB4481252 for Microsoft Silverlight is offered to him as important. The night has already arrived a mail from blog reader Andreas P. that the update has arrived in WSUS. Thanks to both blog readers.

What is Microsoft Silverlight Update KB4481252 for?

Update KB4481252 is classified by Microsoft as important, but I rank it in the category 'totally superfluous'. On the one hand, the whole thing refers to the unfortunate Silverlight from Microsoft, whose updates have simply been annoying people for years. Secondly, this update is useless for most blog readers. According to the KB article, the update fixes the following:

This update for Microsoft Silverlight fixes the DateTime calculations to handle new eras in the Japanese calendar.

It is once again Microsoft's famous attempt to update the changes in the Japanese calendar's time calculation for 2019.

The background is that with the abdication of the current Japanese emperor Akihito on 30.4.2019, a new calendar calculation in Japan begins (see my German article in my Japan blog).

The update is also available for manual download in the Download Center and in the Microsoft Update Catalog (there as a rollup and as a feature pack).

Addendum: At you can find this comment from OscarCP. He mentions that the update should re-enabling streaming in IE 11 (for Netflix for instance). My problem: OscarCP has the role of an MVP for Woody, so he has some deeper knowledge. But he doesn't prove his assertion with a source on the web – Microsoft doesn't mention a streaming fix for Silverlight within its KB article. When I was searching the web I couldn't find anything about IE 11 Silverlight support through the update. So keep the info in mind, but for me it isn't confirmed yet.

Patching issues

In Office 2010, Microsoft has already tried the calendar update several times without success and even had to withdraw updates. Now Silverlight is supposed to be upgraded for the new calendar with the above date. But why one has to patch Windows, Office and also Silverlight, to support a new japanese area, isn't clear to me. I would suggest to hide the update (I did it here), if you don't need the japanese calandar.


Silverlight is a deprecated application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, another fail from Microsoft to establish a Flash competiton.

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