Malwarebytes: Fix for the Windows 7 Freeze issue

Windows Update[German]Malwarebytes users recognized sporadic freezes in Windows 7 with Malwarebytes version 3.6.1.x. Malwarebytes has now released an update to fix this sporadic freezing.


The Freeze issue

A German blog reader notified my in December 2018 about that issue and described the following error pattern in his mail – I guess that other affected users may know this behavior:

More and more users are posting in the forum of Malwarebytes and complaining about sporadic "freezes" by the program "Malwarebytes"!

I myself am affected with one of my PCs. The computer freezes completely (I can still move the mouse, but that's all). The freezes can only be "fixed" by pressing the power button (for a few seconds).

This was not an isolated case, a number of users described the same issues within the Malwarebytes forum. I had described the issue in the blog post Windows 7: Malwarebytes is causing sporadic freezes. There was an update for Malwarebytes, but this did not address these freezes (see Windows 7: Malwarebytes is causing sporadic freezes).

Now a fix for Windows 7 is available

After Malwarebytes investigated this bug through user logs, the cause could probably be identified. In this forum post the developers write at mid of December 2018, that the bug was found and fixed.

Hi all—

I wanted to share some promising news!

We've now been able to consistently reproduce the freeze in house on more systems and we believe we have narrowed the problem to multi-processor synchronization issues with our Web Protection code on Windows 7.

We have an updated version of Malwarebytes that we're currently testing, so far with encouraging results.

I want to make this update available just as soon as possible, but we want to be sure we aren't introducing any additional issues, so further testing is still required.  Assuming all goes well, I'm hoping we'll have more good news for you next week.

We appreciate everyone who's been working with us to help resolve this problem, even behind the scenes. Your assistance has been invaluable!

They begun testing internally and with beta testers, but the new version has been released recently. In the Malwarebytes beta forum there are more details including the pre-release version of Component Package 1.0.527. Within the announcement, that Malwarebytes for Windows 3.6.1 has been released, there is a mention, that the Component Package 1.0.527 has been released to the public on January 21, 2017. (via)

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