Mozilla annoys US users with Firefox Extension Ads

MozillaMozilla’s developers have probably started to show advertisements for Firefox extensions in the browser in the USA. Much to the displeasure of users in the USA.


Mozilla has explained the new feature of the extension recommendation here. But ti’s possible to opt out from the display of the recommendations. But US users are getting annoyed, as I read here. At you can find the thread Less of this please, where a user posted the following picture.

Firefox extension ad

A recommendation for an extension of the browser is displayed there. The user can accept or delay the acceptance via Not Now (or configure an opt-out via the pop-up menu of the Not Now button). The thread has now received over 100 responses – and the reactions are not to be interpreted as enthusiasm for these suggestions. I don’t know if something like this is displayed in corporate environments. But from an administrator’s point of view, such an offer to install unnecessary extensions is simply a no go. Or how do you see it?


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