Thunderbird 60.5.2 pulled (March 5, 2019)

Mozilla's e-mail client Thunderbird 60.5.2 has been pulled, due to a major bug in Windows. Here are a few details, what went downhill and what 'has been pulled' mean.


Thunderbird 60.5.2 release information

Mozilla's developers have released version 60.5.2 of the Thunderbird email client on February 25, 2019 as a maintenance update to fix some bugs. According to the release notes, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Crash when using "Send to > Mail recipient" on Windows under some circumstances (MAPI interface)
  • UTF-8 support for MAPISendMail
  • Problem with S/MIME certificate verification when receiving email from Outlook (issue introduced in version 60.5.1)

The mail client can be downloaded from the Thunderbird site for Windows, macOS and Linux. Further details can be found in the Release Notes and within my blog post Thunderbird 60.5.2 released.

Issues with Thunderbird 60.5.2

Shortly after release of Thunderbird 60.5.2 I received user comments about issues under Windows. After auto-updating, it wasn't possible to use the sendto features to send file attachments from third party applications or Windows desktop via Thunderbird.

I've addressed this issue within my blog post Thunderbird 60.5.2 causes a MAPI error – a workaround. This bug is known to Mozilla's developers and is mentioned within the release notes. The reason is a flaw in the installer that fails to auto-updates some MAPI dlls. Uninstalling and re-installing the software may fix that issue. Within the release notes there is a second bug mentioned: Files with non-ASCII characters in their name also cause a malfunction. There is also a workaround for this issue proposed within the release notes.

Mozilla's developers pulled Thunderbird 60.5.2

A few hours ago I received a user comment within my German blog, saying that Mozilla has pulled Thunderbird 60.5.2. I checked the download pages and found, that Thunderbird 60.5.2 is still offered for download on the FTP server and also via download page. After asking my German blog readers, what 'pulled' means, thing became a bit clearer.


Mozilla's developers has disabled auto-updat to Thunderbird 60.5.2. So the scenario causing the issue described above, won't occur anymore. Let's wait, when an updated version of Thunderbird for Windows will be released.

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