Windows 7 Update KB4493132 re-released (03/26/2019)

Windows Update[German]A short addendum concerning Windows 7 SP1 and the end of support nag screen: Microsoft released a revised version of the 'Nag-Screen'-update KB4493132 on March 26, 2019. Here is some information about the topic.


German blog reader Georg S. informed me by mail about the new Windows 7 Update KB4493132 – thanks for that, I didn't have had the time to check it out. Georg wrote:

Today on my 3 computers (Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64) KB4493132 was offered again for installation via Windows Update, although I hide it at the last patchday!

I checked then Windows Update on my Windows 7 Ultimate system and found update KB4493132 offered again (although I've hided this patch last week).

Georg just wrote me in a 2nd mail that the status of the update had changed as well.

It looks like KB4493132 has been received a status change from recommended to an important update.

In the list of hidden updates, I only see the recommended update because I hided it on March 13th. 

The important update that I have just hidden is not (yet) visible in the above list.

I can't confirm this observation. In the blog post Windows 7: Details about notification update KB4493132 published a week ago, I included the following screenshot.


Windows 7  Update KB4493132

Compared to the first screenshot I can't see any ad hoc changes. However, I don't find the update KB4493132 that was hidden last week in the list of hidden updates either (or I missed something). At this point, my question: Who else received the update? Is there anyone who has been offered the update under Windows 7 Professional via Windows Update?

BTW: Microsoft doesn't document the changes in update KB4493132. KB article 4493132 has not been modified, only the date has been updated to March 26, 2019. I guess, KB4493132v1 contains bug fixes to solve install error 0x80070643 reported from several users (see Windows 7: Details about notification update KB4493132).

Update KB4493132 is the Nag screen thing

If somebody asks himself, what is update KB4493132 for? This is a notification update that indicates the end of support for Windows 7 SP1 on January 14, 2020.

Windows 7 EOL-Nag-Screen
(Windows 7 EOL-Nag-Screen, Source: Bleeping Computer)

I had published some details and backgrounds in the blog post Windows 7 Notification Update KB4493132 released and in my already mentioned article Windows 7: Details about notification update KB4493132.

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  1. jm12m says:

    Esta actualización se actualizo automáticamente pero en su instalación di erro de instalación

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