Windows 10 V1903 will probably named ‘Fools Creator Update’

Exclusive: Between all the struggle with the scattered accessibility of my blogs due to the server change at the weekend, a message almost went down. I got a hint from my internal sources, that told me the name of the upcoming Windows 10 version.


Microsoft always assigns a version number such as 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809 and now probably 1903 for Windows 10 feature updates. The first two digits reveal the year of publication, the last two digits stand for the planned release month (whereby 03 can also be a release in April). In addition, Microsoft often gives the Windows 10 build its own name. That was in the past:

  • V1607: Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • V1703: Windows 10 Creators Update
  • V1709: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

In 2018 these additional names were no longer announced. The background was probably discussions about the name ‘Fall Creators Update’. First of all the name sounds rather negative in certain languages (Fall = Fail). Besides, in autumn on the northern hemisphere of the earth it’s actually spring in the southern hemisphere. So that choice of that name from Redmond was a bit unfortunate.

But, according to my source, Microsoft’s marketing need a name for the upcoming Windows 10 build, to attract consumers. Google made a clever trick with Android and use for each version the name of a sweet (Oreo, Nougat etc.). And even Apple has nice names for their macOS like Snow Leopard, Mojave and so on. Only Microsoft is using boring version numbers like 1803, 1809 – no more XP, Vista or even 7, 8 or 8.1. No one of the consumers like to buy a new computer with a ‘Windows 10 1903’ – names like Windows 10 Creators Update sounds even better.

So marketing in Redmond decided to search a new name for the upcoming Windows 10 feature update. According to my source, the name ‘Fools Creator Update’ got the most votes. So I guess, they will use that name. But nobody can be for sure – I’ve seen cases, where Redmond’s upper management cancelled a thing in last minute. A Microsoft spokesman refused any comments about that naming thing for the next Windows 10 version.


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  1. EP says:

    there’s another minor setback regarding the 1903 release, guenni:

    read this:

    “UPDATE 4/2: We have released Build 18356.21 (KB4496796) to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring who are currently on Build 18356.16. This update will get Insiders who are on Build 18356.16 back into a good state so they can update to Build 18362. We are allowing a few days for this update to roll out before offering Build 18362 – so that means Insiders will still not see Build 18362 offered after updating to Build 18356.21. But stay tuned!”

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