KB4490481 fixes/adds group policies in Windows 10 V1809

[German]The recently released cumulative update KB4490481 also fixes various issues with group policies and adds further group policies in Windows 10 V1809. Here are a few details.


I've addressed cumulative update KB4490481 within my blog post Windows 10 V1809: Updates KB4490481 and KB4493510. Microsoft released that update on April 1,/2, 2019, after testing it for week with Windows Insider. This update is now general available for Windows 10 V1809 and Windows Server 2019. Within the update description says:

Adds a new Group Policy setting called "Enable Windows to soft-disconnect a computer from a network". This determines how Windows will disconnect a computer from a network when it determines that the computer should no longer be connected to the network.

  • If enabled, Windows will soft-disconnect (disconnection is not immediate or abrupt) a computer from a network.
  • If disabled, Windows disconnects a computer from a network immediately.
  • If not configured, the default behavior is soft-disconnect. For more information about soft-disconnect, see Understanding and configuring Windows Connection Manager.

German blog reader and MVP Thomas Bittner pointed out this issues to me and sent me the following text 'New and Fixed Group Policy Setting with Windows 10 KB4490481' via mail:

Microsoft has just released a new rollout KB hotfix for Windows 10 on the 1st April (not joking). What is notable about this update is there is a couple of Group Policy settings that have been fixed and added.

First one is only minor and they have resolved an issues with the policy setting "Turn off app notifications on the lock screen" which can be found under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logo.

The second Group Policy change is they have now added support to configure "Enable Windows to soft-disconnect a computer from a network". What is "soft-disconnect" you ask? Put simple its a way for a computer to notify application to stop using a specific network interface. If there is an active TCP connection then it will not interrupt that connection. Then after 30 seconds if it still sees that someone or something is using the connection in a significant way (e.g. Skype Call) it will not close the connection. This is far better experience for users, however it can also lead to computer not swapping from wireless to wired connections. It is a default option for Windows 8 and later, so if you want to ensure that network connection are closed then you should disable this policy.

The update can be obtained via Windows Update or as a download via Windows Update Catalog. At End Point Central, MVP colleague Alan Burchill has posted an article New and Fixed Group Policy Setting with Windows 10 KB4490481 about that topic.

Problem with this patch: The cumulative update KB4490481 as an optional update for Windows 10, but the update has a whole bunch of known issues (see my post Windows 10 V1809: Updates KB4490481 and KB4493510). So I don't recommend to install that patch. Thanks to Thomas B. for the hint.

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  1. EP says:


    seems like the KB4490481 update may cause blue screen errors on some v1809 machines as woody pointed out:


    though I have not experienced any BSODs with KB4490481 on my computer running Win10 LTSC 2019 (v1809)

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