Windows 10 V1903 has issues with AMD Raid drivers

[German]Users of AMD systems should take care when using Windows 10. Currently it is not possible to install Insider Previews builds of Windows 10 May 2019 update, because the raid drivers cause issues and prevent an upgrade.


In the next weeks Microsoft will make the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Version 1903) fit for general use. Currently, build 1836 is being tested with Windows insiders – this should also be the build that will be distributed to all users at the end of May 2019.

No raid driver support on AMD hardware

Although the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Version 1903) is not yet finally available to the general public, it can be tested by Windows insiders. And there are some inconsistencies. Blog reader Frank H. drew my attention to a problem he ran into last week. Frank tries to test the Insider Preview of Windows 10 Version 1903 on an Asus Prime x370-Pro, but already fails with the installation. Frank writes about it:

Hello, Günter,

I've been trying to test insider previews for quite some time, but I always fail because after the first restart of the PC, during the installation, the data disk is only accessed for a short time and then the PC with the Windows logo and circling circle stops. Error code in the Windows update process: 0xc1900101

My system: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Asus Prime x370-Pro, NVMe-SSD with Microsoft NVMe driver (system), 2 RAID1 volumes (AMD-RAID for data).

A few weeks ago my internet research was unsuccessful. Yesterday I tried again and joined the Release Preview Ring (inspired by your article :-).

Unfortunately the problem still exists, but I found the bug in the net now. Unfortunately it looks like the current RAID drivers are not Windows 10 1903 compatible.

My system is on the NVMe-SSD, the RAID volumes are just data dumps. I had disconnected the RAID volumes a few weeks ago and tried to update the system with the NVMe SSD as the only data carrier – but with the same error pattern. I can't tell now if I completely disabled RAID in the UEFI setup.

If the problem is worth an article to you, they might help other readers before they run into the same error pattern …

Frank then sent me a link to a post in Microsoft's Technet-Forum, where the issue is also be discussed. 

AMD Raid Driver won't work in 19h1 and 20h1 ( 18845/50)

Hi together,

I cant get AMD Raid drivers working correct with 20h1 ( 18845 ). If i try to update from 1809 ( drivers ok ) to 19h1 the system wont boot anymore after the 1st reboot.

So i tryed to reinstall my pc with 20h1 from usb. Ive tryed to load drivers at the install process. The 1st driver loads correct ( raid bottom device ).

The second one not. ( Storport ). It trys to load the driver a couple of hours and do nothing. So i try to install windows without raid drivers and install them later.

Installing windows 20h1 without raid drivers are fine. After installation i have the same problem.

The second driver wont finisch installation. If i end up the proceas via taskmanager and reboot the pc, it wont boot anymore.

Hardware: Asrock x470 Taichi,
Ryzen 7 2700x
1x m.2 500gb Sandisk as system Partition ( non raid )
6x Sata SSD betwen 256-512GB ( Raid )

Is this a known problem? If i have to modify the INF?

So the user notices that the RAID driver does not work on both the 19H1 and 20H1 of Windows 10. This problem is confirmed by several users in the Forenthread. So it is not a single problem. In the AMD community there is now this thread, where the problem is also discussed.

The AMD Raid drivers are compatible with the latest official Windows 10 1809 build. If you are using insider builds, then you may experience this issue.

In Windows 10 October 2018 Update (V1809) there are probably AMD RAID drivers as preview, which also work. For the following Windows 10 versions no drivers are released yet. Maybe helpful for people with this hardware constellation. Thanks to Frank for the hint.


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8 Responses to Windows 10 V1903 has issues with AMD Raid drivers

  1. Andrew Dalton says:

    the drivers have now been updated and are available for download from AMD and i can confirm they are working great with the insider builds

    • guenni says:

      Thanks for your hint. It seems that AMD has updated the drivers yesterday.

      The German reader, who directed me to write this blog post, has send me his experience with the new drivers. Here his statement (I've translated it):

      Thanks for pointing that out. With the current drivers I could update to 1903. However, I can't open the RAID console (browser based) anymore. (no connection to the server under localhost:25902).

      Localhost is resolved, even with the IP address it doesn't work.

      Later German blog reader Frank added:

      The RAID console is now running. The Apache web server was not installed during the update and was not registered as a service./blockquote>

      Maybe that will be helpful for other victims.

  2. MAC says:

    I am in a pickle
    Can't install update 1903
    Can't install AMD chipset drivers

    • lowlou says:

      Exact same problem, I'm on an Intel PC and yet I can't install 1903 because of some AMD RAID related drivers… What's happening ?

  3. Mac says:

    this is 4ucking bull! this problem, in the exact fashion you have descried has been occurring to me since 1803! There is still no fix and 1909 i now available! I have installed an ADATA NVME. IN device manager i have AMD Driver for storage controllers! Off course I am also on a Dell G3, it looked good, it looked affordable, i should have known Dell would 4uck it up with generic AMD/INTEL drivers pushed by BIOS! I have no solutions and no work around! WTF

    • Dane Hartman says:

      Same situation here. Pretty frustrating. Intel system, can't update the AMD Raid driver that's preventing my updates.

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  5. Chaz says:

    I'm having the same issue! Any fixes?

  6. Mark King says:

    After an epic campaign, which can only be described without profanity if I frame it as an advanced exercise in patience, the kind that would make monks go postal, I managed to get the Raid drivers working in windows for workstations preview 20175, I set CSM support to on, in BIOS deleted the array, individually re-wiped the Corsair Force MP 600 2TB gen4 NVMe drives, 3 of them, then recreated the array, and attempted another install. The drivers from AMD went in 1.rcbottoms 2.rcaid 3.rcfg [if it fails to install any of them, you need to format every accessible partition, if available, delete the partitions until no other operations are possible, and reboot. Eventually all 3 load]. Getting the drivers in is no guarantee, and I must have installed windows no less than 400 times in 3 months (I did the math, kept a diary at first…). Sometimes it would only fail on the first reboot after you got the reassuring postcard image, enter windows teasingly, set up some account stuff, go to update and [insert you poetic paroxysm of profanity expressing dissatisfaction, maybe insert revenge fantasies every 100th iteration for variety]. One of these times, without any deviation from the hit-the-TV approach to impose will onto inanimate (and artificially sentient) objects approach I stuck to. I kept cycling miniscule variations like sata settings for raid even though I only use NVMe drives, or the stupid CSM support switch everyone seems to think is important, but I managed to have it work with the setting in either enabled or disabled. Something is very wrong, and it is subtle. I am forced to reinstall windows because the build expired without warning, and now I can't recreate the same situation, obviously the planetary alignment has changed, I will need to wait 347 years for another jupiter — I'm kidding! [evidence of profound psychological injury as a result of this driver issue… Can I sue?]

    I should mention that lifting the NVMe's off the MB and installing into ASUS gen4 HYPER Raid-on-chip PCIe host card seemed to help. It worked soon after I tried this configuration. However, now I am in the same boat as before, I can use Corsair Toolbox and Raidexpert2 or BIOS to view the lovely 5.9TB array, but windows does not let it in. Using device manager and clicking around for clues I did find one: driverupdate false, executive override or something to that effect. The windows build blocks device manager until I reinstall, but the insiders update is not working. [I went to the stairwell to scream a hullaballoo of profanity in my 6 languages, I speak 5 fluently but can swear in German like a native also] I did not want my machine to overhear and get discouraged.

    I did have it working normally for months though, so please derive whatever inspiration you can to repeat my success, and please post even your failures, even to attract the interest of a high level expert who can find the obscure conflict buried in all this.

    I had another nuisance to contend with: I use a 2×2 video wall of 55 inch 4k TV "monitors" and the top 2 are mounted upside down. All these installs were, you guessed it, reading and moving the mouse on a display that is inverted. Good times! When it finally worked, it took me 2 days to work a mouse in standard orientation without going the wrong way! My GF laughed her ass of watching that!

    My dream computer, with the above problem, is a gigabyte AURUS TRX40 Master 256GB 3600MHz Corsair Vengeance DDR4, AMD Threadripper 3650x 24core, Nvidia RTX 4000 workstation graphics card.

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