Windows 7 shows End of Support notification

win7[German]It happened during the last time, first people have received the announced notification in Windows 7  that support for this operating system will end on January 14, 2020.


I already came across this post on Saturday, where it was mentioned. Also German sites has published a screenshot with this notification. The background: Currently about 34% of the users still work with Windows 7. Microsoft had announced this notification so that private users would not be surprised by the end of support of Windows 7.

It has been announced

I had mentioned it the first time within the article Microsoft announces Windows 7 End of Life. Also the blog post Windows 7: Details about notification update KB4493132 deals with this update. Microsoft has also documented update KB4493132 'Windows 7 SP1 support notification'.

This update is available through Windows Update. If automatic updates are enabled, this update is automatically downloaded and installed. The update does not require any prerequisites or restart after installation. Users who installed the update should have received this notification by now.

Windows 7 EOL-Nag-Screen
(Windows 7 EOL-Nag-Screen, Source: Bleeping Computer)

Update KB4493132 required

An installed notification update KB4493132 is responsible for displaying this window. This was offered several times in March 2019 as an optional update under Windows 7 SP1. But this update has only been offered to machines with Windows 7 Home and  Ultimate – machines in enterprise environments doesn't received that update. I've reported that within my blog post Windows 7: Details about notification update KB4493132.


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