Thunderbird 60.7.1 released

[German]Mozilla’s developers released an update of the email client Thunderbird to version 60.7.1 on June 13, 2019. This is a maintenance update which closes critical security gaps. Here is some information about it.


German blog reader Ralf mentioned within this comment (thanks). I checked it on my system. The update was detected during an update search on the Thunderbird Portable and installed without complaint.

The changes can be found in the release notes. Things that are fixed now, are: No prompt for smartcard PIN when S/MIME signing is used. In addition, the following vulnerabilities, which are rated ‘high’, has been fixed:

Known Issues are: Due to changes in the Mozilla platform profiles stored on Windows network shares addressed via drive letters are now addressed via UNC – and Chat: Twitter not working due to API changes at

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