WordPress 5.2.2 released

[English]A brief information: An update to WordPress 5.2.2 has been released this night. Its a maintenance update, and one of my blogs has been updated automatically, my multisite blog here have to be updated manually.


The update itself was installed without any issues. However, the current version 7.3.4 of the WordFence plug-in has the problem that this new WordPress version is not recognized. The user gets an update warning in the dashboard. In the WordFence WordPess.com forum there is already this entry, where the problem was reported. I confirmed it, but my comment (guenni) hasn’t been moderated yet. Guess the WordFence plug-in will be updated soon.

This maintenance update (WordPress version 5.3 is planned for the future) to WordPress version 5.2.2 fixes 13 bugs. Here is a short list of fixes.

  • #45094: Dashboard elements don’t always have clear focus states, tab order
  • #46289: RTL Bug – wrong navigation arrows in media modal
  • #46749: Extra border is displaying at bottom of Help section in Firefox (Responsive : 778 * 841)
  • #46881: Site Health: improve the header elements horizontal centering
  • #46957: Site Health: Make site health page access be filterable
  • #46960: Site Health: Table design issue in small devices (iphone 5/SE).
  • #46997: Theme update links show in Customizer and don’t work
  • #47070: Recovery Mode Exit button not visible in responsive view
  • #47158: Merge similar strings introduced in WP 5.2
  • #47227: I18n: Merge similar translation strings – site health tabs
  • #47475: I18n: Merge similar strings and fix typo
  • #47429: Editor: Update packages for WordPress 5.2.2
  • #47457: Fix the mediaelements player controls bar sizing

Further information can be found in the release notes.

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