Thunderbird 68.0 released

[German]The developers of the email client Thunderbird have already released version 68.0 on August 27, 2019. This is the next major version of the email client. Here are a brief overview what has been changed.


The main version brings some optimizations and fixes, some of which are known from Firefox. The release notes list the following new features.

  • File link attachments can now be linked to again instead of uploading them again
  • Mark all folders of an account as read
  • Run filters periodically. Improved filter logging.
  • OAuth2 authentication for Yandex
  • Language packs can now be selected in the Advanced Options. Preference intl.multilingual.enabled needs to be set (and possily also extensions.langpacks.signatures.required needs to be set to false
  • On Windows a 64bit installer and MSI package are now available, see the Thunderbird for Organisations page for details
  • Added a policy engine that allows customized Thunderbird deployments in enterprise environments, using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file
  • TCP keepalive for IMAP protocol
  • Full Unicode support for MAPI interfaces: New support for MAPISendMailW
  • To protect your profile data against a downgrade, Thunderbird 68 may display a message “You have launched an older version of Thunderbird” and will not allow opening a specific profile. Workaround: start with option –allow-downgrade. See this support article for details.
  • Calendar: Time zone data can now include past and future changes. All known time zone changes from 2018 to 2022 are included.
  • Chat: In each conversation an individual spellcheck language can be selected now

The notes on changes are important. Add-ons are only supported in Thunderbird 68 if their developers have adapted them to the new version. In addition, the developers list a number of other changes and fixes in the release notes . Thunderbird 68.0 is now available for direct download for all supported systems.


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2 Responses to Thunderbird 68.0 released

  1. ulrics says:

    Hello, maybe you can help.
    With this new version the window size changed and also the font size change.
    Tried already working on the size, but didn’t got it in the way like before.

    Which part of the configuration I have to change for permanent window size, like I want.
    An also is it possible to tell TB, that mailwindow should stay at the same place all the time, even I have many open?

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