Chrome 78 released

[German]Google eleased the Google Chrome browser version 78 on October 22, 2019. In this major version there are some new features, so Google wants to support DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).


Chrome 78.0.3904.70

The announcement within the Chromium blog is rather short, only the release for the desktop (Linux, macOS and Windows) will be announced on October 22, 2019. The Chrome 78.0.3904.70 will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks via automatic update. Chrome 78 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, you can download it here. If you use the Chrome portable version, you have to wait until it is updated accordingly.

The changes are documented on the Chromium page are more reading stuff for developers. The Chromium blog notes, that the browser supports site isolation (from version 77). In Chrome 78, 37 vulnerabilities have been fixed, which are listed here. This article on ComputerWorld is a bit more detailed about some new features in Chrome 78 (based on the beta).

Addendum: After releasing the article here, Catalin Cimpanu has published an article on Chrome 78 on ZDNet. The following tweet points out new features.

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  1. Andrea says:

    It seems that SEP 14.1 and lower trigger an “Aw, snap!” error due to code injection.
    Current working workaround: launch Chrome with the following command “chrome.exe –disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity”.

    More info:

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