PowerToys v0.13 released

[German]A few hours after the release of PowerToys v0.12, Microsoft's developers have added the update to PowerToys v0.13. This is a maintenance update that fixes some bugs.


The PowerToys known from Windows 9x are Open Source and available for free on this GitHub page for Windows 10. I had introduced the first release in September 2019 (Windows 10: First Open Source PowerToys released). End of October PowerToyes v012 has been released with the new tool PowerRename (see the blog post PowerToys v0.12 Beta released). But there were still bugs there. Nowv0.13 is available. The Github page shows the following fixes:


  • Fixed crashing bug
  • Fixed duplicate entries for PowerRename in context menu for shortcuts
  • PowerReanme dialog is no longer appearing in top corner all the time
  • Ensure we show the file extension in the UI even if extensions are hidden in Windows Explorer

Shortcut Guide:

  • Fixed conflicting key with Xbox controller
  • Hide Shortcut Guide when a screenshot is taken

The new setup file as well as the source code are available on this GitHub page. (via neowin.net)

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