Tor-Browser 9.0.1 released

SicherheitOn November 4, 2019, the developers updated the Tor browser to version 9.0.1. This is a maintenance update that fixes several bugs and updates components.


The release notes list the following changes to Tor browser version 9.0.1.

All Platforms
   * Update NoScript to 11.0.4
     * Bug 21004: Don’t block JavaScript on onion services on medium security
     * Bug 27307: NoScript marks HTTP onions as not secure
   * Bug 30783: Fundraising banner for EOY 2019 campain
   * Bug 32321: Don’t ping Mozilla for Man-in-the-Middle-detection
   * Bug 27268: Preferences clean-up
* Windows + OS X + Linux
   * Update Tor Launcher to
     * Bug 32164: Trim each received log line from tor
     * Translations update
   * Bug 31803: Replaced about:debugging logo with flat version
   * Bug 31764: Fix for error when navigating via ‘Paste and go’
   * Bug 32169: Fix TB9 Wikipedia address bar search
   * Bug 32210: Hide the tor pane when using a system tor
   * Bug 31658: Use builtin –panel-disabled-color for security level text
   * Bug 32188: Fix localization on about:preferences#tor
   * Bug 32184: Red dot is shown while downloading an update
* Android
   * Bug 32342: Crash when changing the browser locale

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