‘Black Friday Deal’: Macrium Reflect for 31,48 Euro

Amazon[German]Just a short hint for people who are looking for a backup program for Windows for home use. The product Macrium Reflect is available at 50 % off at Black Friday: 31,48€ for 1 PC, 62,98€ for the 4 PC license.


Macrium Reflect is a backup program for Windows that is currently available in version 7. There is a Free-Version for private users, which may be used in the recent version also for business use.  

  • Integrated viBoot 2 – Instant virtualisation of Macrium backup images.
  • Task Scheduler 2 – For compatibility with Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary Edition) and later.
  • New Rescue Media builder – includes Windows RE with WiFi Support
  • Licensed for Commercial Use – Macrium Reflect 7 Free Edition is now licensed for use in a business environment.

However, the free version has some limitations which can be seen in the function overview on the manufacturer’s site.

Black Friday offer

German blog reader Frank sent me an email yesterday evening to inform me about a Black Friday deal. Frank writes about it.

Hello Günter,

I’ve been using the free version for some time, but I’ve often been annoyed about the limitations and thought about buying the software. The price of about 63€ for the home-version has deterred me.

What convinced me about e.g. True Image is that it is well thought out for me and does without huge buttons for Dummklicker.

Furthermore, it can install a PE environment and a boot menu, which can be used to restore the system without additional boot media. Successfully tested it, worked.

I have just struck at the Black Friday Deal: Offer

31,48€ for 1 PC, 62,98€ for the 4 PC license. This product is definitely worth it!

Since it was stressful yesterday, I didn’t have time to publish it just in time. But I’ve just checked (Saturday 6 a.m CET), the offer for private users still exists.


Details about the offer can be found on the page with the offer – just click on the screenshot. I myself have no advantage from the promotion and do not get any revenue share. But maybe this is of interest for someone. Thanks to Frank for the tip..


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