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USB install media and ‘Windows Information Protection’

[German]There is an interesting article from Microsoft for administrators who frequently create USB installation media in environments where Windows Information Protection (WIP) is enforced. Then WIP intervenes and prevents the USB installation media from booting or the setup from running.

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ConfigMgr Client Health Toolset

Just a small tip for administrators in SCCM environments. Microsoft has released the ConfigMgr Client Health Toolset to simplify troubleshooting issues in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

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Add a PowerShell Script in TS Editor of ConfigMgr 1811

Upcoming versions of the SCCM will allow you to enter PowerShell script directly in the Task Sequence Editor (TS Editor). Here are some hints about this new function, which was introduced within the Technical Preview 1811 of ConfigMgr.

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Tip: Task sequences in SCCM 1810 with error handling

[German]There is a new variable _SMSTSLastActionName in SCCM 1810, which can be used to query the name of the last action in SCCM task sequences. This can be very helpful when checking for errors.

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Google Chrome: Show internal warnings

[German]Today a tip for Google Chrome user. Chrome’s developers have built in a page where you can see all warnings known to the browser. Here is how to view these interstitial warning pages.

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Sysinternals Tools for Windows VM Performance Analysis

Server administrators needs to fine-tuning virtualized workloads and diagnosing performance issues during virtualization. This can be done using certain Windows tools.

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Install Office Click-n-Run and MSI version on same machine

[German]Can we run Microsoft Office as a click-to-run installation parallel to an MSI installation? Microsoft says no to this. But it seems that there is still a trick that works and bot packages may be installed in parallel.

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Windows 10: ReflectDrivers Setup Option for In-Place-Upgrade on encrypted media

[German]Just a hint for a Windows 10 setup (if necessary as in-place upgrade), which should be executed on encrypted media (e.g. Veracrypt drive). There is a setup option ReflectDrivers, which can be used from Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607).

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An undocumented Office 365 REST api for Outlook activities

[German]It’s an interesting discovery for administrators. Microsoft Office 365 has an undocumented API that allows administrators to read the activities of Outlook email accounts.

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Update your INTEL-SA-00086 Detection Tool

[German]If you are using the INTEL-SA-00086 Detection Tool to analyze the computer for vulnerabilities, you should update the tool. Older versions do not recognize certain vulnerabilities.

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