Windows Server: Update your Active Directory schema for the current Windows LAPS version

Windows[German]Microsoft has integrated its Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) directly into the Windows operating system with the April 2023 patchday (April 11, 2023). I had reported on problems this move by Microsoft brings to non-English Windows systems. I just came across a blog post that outlines the steps to update a Windows Server Active Directory schema for the current Windows LAPS version.


LAPS is now integrated into Windows

Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (Windows LAPS) is a Windows feature that can automatically manage and secure a local administrator account's password on devices mounted in Azure Active Directory or Windows Server Active Directory. This Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) provides local administrator account password management for computers joined into a domain.

As of April 11, 2023, the LAPS client was then automatically rolled out with the cumulative security updates to all supported Windows systems (see the posts linked at the end of the article for the Windows 10 and Windows 11/Sever 2022 security updates). According to the Techcommunity post By popular demand: Windows LAPS available now! LAPS is now integrated in the following operating systems.

  • Windows 11 Pro, EDU and Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Pro, EDU and Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2022 and Windows Server Core 2022
  • Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016 is out of mainstream support and needs a separate LAPS client. With this, Microsoft wanted to make life easier for administrators. However, administrators of a German-language Windows run into problems if an old LAPS client is installed (see my blog post Windows LAPS integration via April 2023 update causes trouble for administrators). So some preparation is required.

Update Windows Server AD Schema for LAPS

I just came across the blog post How to Update the Windows Server Active Directory Schema for the Latest Version of Windows LAPS via the following tweet, which describes the steps to update a Windows Server Active Directory schema for the latest Windows LAPS version.

Update Windows Server AD-Schema for LAPS


But be sure to follow the advice of Mark Heitbrink, who has published the article Migration LAPS Legacy zu LAPS nativ for German-speaking readers. The article describes what problems arise when integrating the LAPS client into Windows if LAPS is already deployed in the corporate environment.

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