Microsoft April 2023 Patchday issues

Update[English]As of April 11, 2023, Microsoft has implemented security updates for various Microsoft products on the monthly patch day. There was sporadic feedback from readers pointing out minor problems. I will summarize various messages in the comments of the readers to a collective post in the form of a patchday gleanings for April 2023.


Update KB5025229 for Win 10 2019 LTSC missing

German blog reader Martin complains in this German comment that he is not offered updateKB5025229 on Windows 10 1909 LTSC on his machines via Windows Update. Martin writes (I've translated the text):

Hello all,

I have received the updates under Windows 10 Home – but not under Windows 10 LTSC 1809 (Build 17763.4131) 64-Bit. According to the information on the Microsoft homepage, I should have received KB5025229 automatically via Windows Update.

There were some updates, but not the KB5025229. Instead, only the following updates arrived here so far:

– Security Intelligence-Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus – KB2267602 (Version 1.387.740.0)
– Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus antivirus platform – KB4052623 (version 4.18.2303.8)
– Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool  x64 – v 5.112 (KB890830)

I have the "phenomenon" on a total of three LTSC systems with the same version level, so for now I don't assume that anything is broken with my "Windows Update Catalogue"; i.e. so far I have not tried to stop the Windows Update service and rename C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution, nor have I tried to manually download and install the update.

Martin asked if anyone can confirm this. Blog reader Rainer confirmed it in this comment, and Markus S. in this comment. Martin then downloaded the updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog and installed them manually.

Systems hang at boot

In this comment, Parker complains that several virtual DCs hung at boot. These were all Windows Server 2019 installations, and one terminal server was also affected. However, it appears to be an isolated incident.

Within this German comment somebody reported Secure Boot issue with Windows Server 2022 VMs running VMware ESXi 7 as "not fixed". But here I'm not sure if that's missing the ESXi 7 patch on 70u3k.

Problem with task scheduling

In this German comment, crams mentions problems with task scheduling on Windows Server 2016 – but this also seems to be an isolated case.


Anomaly without current, deeper analysis so far on all Windows Servers 2016:

Task scheduling no longer executes self-created tasks. The task is distributed via GPO. The displayed time of the next execution is correct (every 5 minutes) but the task is not executed. No entry appears in the history either.

Installed during the night:
2023-04 Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems (KB5025228).
Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 – v5.112 (KB890830)

Analysis revealed that a task distributed via GPO no longer starts automatically at the specified time. The solution is simple: give the tasks distributed via GPO a new start date and then redistribute them via the Refresh option.

Terminal Server 2016 files not opening

In this German comment Michael Flühmann points out that the Cumulative Update KB5025228 for Windows Server 2016 causes problems with opening files on Terminal Servers.

We are again experiencing the same problem as we did after the March update. Since the update KB5025228 no files in the folder Downloads (and partly other folders) can be opened at our customers who use a Terminal Server 2016. After double-clicking on a file nothing happens. Uninstall KB5025228 and all files can be opened again as usual.

I had posted in the German blog post Windows 10/Server: März 2023 Patchday-Nachlese in March 2023 this issue which hit some users. The MotW (Mark of the Web) flag has to be unchecked in the file properties to be able to open the files via double click.

LAPS integration fails

Microsoft's attempt to ship LAPS with Windows via a security update has failed for non English Windows systems. I've nailed the details within my blog post Windows LAPS integration via April 2023 update causes trouble for administrators

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