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Create Cross-Platform PowerShell Scripts

How to write PowerShell Scripts to run on all supported platforms. A PowerShell Script written for Windows isn’t running necessarily on Linux. Redmondmag has published an article that sheds a bit light on how to create Cross-Platform PowerShell Scripts. Advertising

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Configure Windows Event Viewer for audits and security monitoring using the PowerShell tool

[German]How to configure the event viewer in Windows so that it can be used for audits and security monitoring. Someone has written a PowerShell tool for this purpose. Advertising

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Windows PowerShell 7 released

On March 4, 2020, Microsoft released PowerShell version 7.0.0 with some new features. On GitHub, Microsoft lists the changes in the release notes. On the GitHub page, you can also download it for different platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows). Advertising

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Tip: PowerShell workarounds for June bug in Windows Event Viewer

[German]I’ve gone into the bug in the Windows Event Viewer caused by the June 2019 patches. This article shows how to handle workarounds to using both the Event Viewer and ‘Custom Views’ on a machine via PowerShell. Advertising

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Hackers are Loving Windows PowerShell

PowerShell is available as a script environment on all Windows systems and is not only popular with administrators. Attackers also appreciate PowerShell to run malicious scripts in Windows environments. Advertising

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Windows: Security change affecting PowerShell

A short note for people who using PowerShell. On January 8, 2019, Microsoft also closed a vulnerability in PowerShell with security updates. This affects the loopback behavior of the PowerShell.  Advertising

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PowerShell-Script WindowsAutoPilotIntune 2.1

A short tip for administrators working with InTune. The WindowsAutoPilotIntune 2.1 script has been released in the PowerShell Gallery. This is an example module for managing AutoPilot devices via the Intune Graph API. Michael Niehaus pointed this out here. Advertising

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PowerShell vulnerable for CVE-2018-0764/CVE-2018-0786

[German]Just for your information: Microsoft had revised its security instructions (Microsoft Security Update Releases). The PowerShell is also vulnerable to the .NET vulnerabilities CVE-2018-0764/CVE-2018-0786. These vulnerabilities has been patched already. Advertising

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Preview of Tool ‘Honolulu’ for Server Admins comes at

[German]Not every administrator is able to use Windows PowerShell for his tasks. To make life easier for administrators, Microsoft will present a graphical server management tool at the Ignite conference.  Advertising

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Windows PowerShell: Save it from Hackers

Windows PowerShell is used more and more from hackers to access Windows systems. Microsoft tries to secure PowerShell from such attacks. In PowerShell 5.0 Microsoft has introduced logging features, to detect such attacks. The Wired article Microsoft’s Bid to Save … Continue reading

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