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PowerHell: Attention, unfixed vulnerabilities in the PowerShell gallery

[German]Security researchers from Aqua Security came across several vulnerabilities in Microsoft's PowerShell gallery some time ago. The vulnerabilities were then reported to Redmond, where unsuccessful attempts were made to fix the bugs with patches. Now the security researchers have gone … Continue reading

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PowerShell Mega Script Collection (500+ PS scripts)

[German] Tip for people who like to tinker with PowerShell and scripts on Windows. There is a project that collects PowerShell scripts for various purposes and makes them available for general use. By now there are more than 500 PS … Continue reading

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How to find weak passwords in Active Directory and eliminate them with PowerShell

[Sponsored Post]Weak or compromised passwords are a known gateway for attackers. If you are able to identify which users in Active Directory (AD) are threatened by this, then PowerShell can help to remedy it. However, PowerShell scripts cannot eliminate basic AD deficits, other tools are needed for this. More ...

Tip: GUI for Windows LAPS with history view

[German]Today a little tip for administrators in enterprise environments using Windows LAPS. German blog reader Heiko informed me on about a a graphical environment he wrote in PowerShell that lets you view Windows LAPS passwords, including password history. Advertising

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Azure PowerShell update announced for December 7, 2021

[German]The Azure PowerShell team plans to release a major upgrade to the Azure (Az) PowerShell module Dec. 7, 2021. This will include support for Microsoft Graph. Advertising

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Microsoft Azure: Urgently update PowerShell because of RCE vulnerability

[German]PowerShell versions 7.0 and 7.1 contain a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability CVE-2021-26701, which has been assigned a CVSS score: 8.1. In a security alert, Microsoft is urging Azure customers to update PowerShell to version 7.0.6 or 7.1.3 in a … Continue reading

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PowerShell 7 will be updated with Microsoft Update

[German]PowerShell 7, the script language in Windows, will be updated in future via Windows Update. That was revealed from Microsoft in a blog post in the developer blog. They announced that they are making PowerShell 7 updates easier than ever … Continue reading

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Create Cross-Platform PowerShell Scripts

How to write PowerShell Scripts to run on all supported platforms. A PowerShell Script written for Windows isn't running necessarily on Linux. Redmondmag has published an article that sheds a bit light on how to create Cross-Platform PowerShell Scripts. Advertising

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Configure Windows Event Viewer for audits and security monitoring using the PowerShell tool

[German]How to configure the event viewer in Windows so that it can be used for audits and security monitoring. Someone has written a PowerShell tool for this purpose. Advertising

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Windows PowerShell 7 released

On March 4, 2020, Microsoft released PowerShell version 7.0.0 with some new features. On GitHub, Microsoft lists the changes in the release notes. On the GitHub page, you can also download it for different platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows). Advertising

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Tip: PowerShell workarounds for June bug in Windows Event Viewer

[German]I've gone into the bug in the Windows Event Viewer caused by the June 2019 patches. This article shows how to handle workarounds to using both the Event Viewer and 'Custom Views' on a machine via PowerShell. Advertising

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