PowerShell Mega Script Collection (500+ PS scripts)

Windows[German] Tip for people who like to tinker with PowerShell and scripts on Windows. There is a project that collects PowerShell scripts for various purposes and makes them available for general use. By now there are more than 500 PS scripts there.


I came across this PowerScript Mega Collection the other day via the following tweet, whose PowerShell scripts can be downloaded from this GitHub page.

PowerShell Mega Script Collection

According to the explanation on the GitHub page, the collection contains over 500 useful cross-platform PowerShell scripts located in the Scripts subfolder. The PS1 scripts are intended for use on the command line interface (CLI), for remote control via SSH, for automation software (e.g. Jenkins), for context menus, for voice commands (e.g. talk2windows), automatic on startup/login/tag/shutdown/etc., or just for learning PowerShell. I've browsed the list – there seem to be some interesting scripts in there. Maybe it's helpful.

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