Microsoft 365/Office365 down (12/12/2019)

[German]A brief information for users of Microsoft 365/ The service seems to be interrupted again. And at the same time the question: Is anyone (especially in the US) affected by this malfunction?


I noticed the first message here, but also on Twitter @MSFT365Status reports that a problem has been investigated. 

Some users are not able to log in to the relevant services under Microsoft 365/Office365. Microsoft says people should use the portal, which cannot be reached due to login issues. Twitter tells me that the status reports from affected people in the USA are currently arriving on the east coast. On the Office 365 status page shows a larger peak.

Office365-Down Dec. 12. 2019

The heatmap of the downdetector currently shows disturbances in the USA (east coast and various hotspots on the west coast) as well as some minor disturbances in Great Britain (but they have Brexit choice today anyway).


Office365-Down Dec. 12. 2019 Heatmap

The Microsoft status page also reports a service failure for the Microsoft cloud:

Microsoft 365 Service health status

Title: Can’t access multiple Microsoft 365 services

User impact: Users may be experiencing problems accessing multiple Microsoft 365 services.

More info: We’ve confirmed that the following services are affected:

-Exchange Online
-Skype for Business
-Microsoft Teams
-SharePoint Online
-Microsoft 365 admin portal

Users may experience problems when accessing their mailbox via Outlook or delays when sending/receiving mail. Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online may be inaccessible to users. Lastly, tenant admins may be unable to access the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

Current status: We’re reaching out to the affected users to gather reproducible data while we’re continuing our analysis of the problem that the affected users are experiencing.

Scope of impact: This issue may potentially affect any of your users attempting to use the aforementioned Microsoft 365 services. This issue appears to be isolated primarily to Eastern United States.

Next update by: Thursday, December 12, 2019, at 6:00 PM UTC

So it’s the full program again: From Exchange Online to Skype, Teams, Sharepoint to Microsoft 365 (admin portal), everything is affected.

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