Sysinternals tools modules updated (12/2019)

[German]The Sysinternals tools are a small collection of helpful tools for Windows, which Microsoft employee Mark Russinovich offers for free and updates from time to time. In December, individual modules from this collection were updated.


In the following tweet from December 12, 2019, Sysinternals points out the update of several Sysinternals tools.

On 11 December 2019, the Sysinternals Tools listed below were updated

  • Sysmon v10.42: This update to Sysmon addresses a number of memory leaks, introduces the "Excludes Any" and "Excludes All" filtering conditions and resolves a number of bugs.
  • Zoomit v4.52: This update to Zoomit resolves a number of dual-monitor related issues.
  • Whois v1.21: This refresh of Whois contains various bug fixes.

On December 18, the Process Explorer and Process Monitor were also updated, see this techcommunity post.

  • Process Monitor v3.53: Resolves a crash when reloading a saved file; Fixes issues where profiling events and/or process activity summary stopped working after the GUI is closed and reopened; Adds file information class for IRP_MN_QUERY_DIRECTORY
  • Prozess-Explorer v16.31: This update to Process Explorer resolves a number of crashes and addresses a GDI exhaustion issue on busy systems.

The description of the Sysinternals tools can be found on this website. The download is available here


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