Microsoft enforces secure connections to the Domain Controller from January 2020

[German]Just a brief information for Administrators of domain controllers in the Windows Server environment. As of January 2020, Microsoft requires secure connections to these domain controllers.


Blog reader Michael F. pointed this out to me over the weekend (thanks for that). Actually affected administrators should know about it, but Michael writes:

some of my domain admins reacted a bit surprised to the message and said: yes, we already know that, but also only recently.

Michael send me links to some German articles asked me if I could remind admins within my blog. Microsoft has covered the whole topic within ADV190023 (Microsoft Guidance for Enabling LDAP Channel Binding and LDAP Signing) – see also my blog post Microsoft Security Advisories Dez. 17, 2019. Addendum: Seems it’s postphoned until March 2020.

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