Windows 10: Update installs mysterious HP Inc. driver

[German]Just a brief note: I became aware of a mysterious HP Inc. driver that has been delivered via Windows Update and installs in Windows 10. Here are a few details I know so far.


I has been informed about that driver from a German blog reader who uses a HP notebook. The reader observed suddenly that Windows Update installs a mysterious driver without further explanations. The blog reader wrote within a comment (I've translated the text below).

Today I got a driver called HP Inc. software component for my HP laptop via Windows Update, without any comment or changelog. The Microsoft Update Catalog does not know this version either.

The only Google hit is HP Analytics… which reminds me of the malwa***, uh, telemetry from a year or two ago. In the event display, an HP Analytics section appears directly. It's a weird driver that's spreading out in the event viewer.

The telemetry thing mentioned was a HP Touchpoint Analytics Client I discussed within the blog post HP installs secretly HP Touchpoint Analytics Client telemetry client. That's brought me to a research, to find out more.

Microsoft offers HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent

Searching the Internet, I found an entry for HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent in Microsofts Update Catalog. Microsoft provides older versions of this driver, with the following details:

hardware id: swc\hpq6001&pid_61adbe
Manufacturer: HP Inc.
Driver manufacturer: HP Inc.
Driver class: Other Hardware
Driver model: HP Radio Manager Device

More details are not available – the link Microsoft provides is dead. But I found an entry in HP support forum for an older version of this driver:


HP SoftwareComponent Update locks CPU

‎03-27-2019 12:11 PM

Product: Pavilion 14-X360 14-Ba12ng

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

Hi there!

I just did a few updates on my convertible (Pavilion 14-x360, 14-ba12ng). I had to reinstall completely and then spent 3 month without wifi, so there were actually quite a few. Anyway, since it installed the "HP. Inc – SoftwareComponent" Version: (release 10/30/2018) and/or Version: (release 2/1/2019) the cpu always stays at 3.44 – 3.48 GHz when the power cord is plugged it. It doens´t clock down anymore, even when the cpu-load is only 4% over a longer period of time. It only clocks down when I unplug the power cord. This creates a lot of unnecessary heat and the fan is running constantly.

It´s incredibly infuriating. Can you help?

It was also a driver delivered via Windows Update, as you can read here. So the questions: Has some of you also received this HP Inc. driver on your HP machines? Are you facing issues with this driver? Does somebody know what this driver is for.

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13 Responses to Windows 10: Update installs mysterious HP Inc. driver

  1. CJ says:

    I have also received this HP update (notification) via Windows update. This is the latest in a string of several last year.
    I use microsoft's show/hide updates tool to hide these HP updates and NOT install them. Not installing any of the previous versions of this has clearly not caused any issues, while installing it has the potential to cause much harm. I am specifically concerned about random BIOS updates that HP does without any detailed notification. At least 1 version of the recent HP laptop BIOS (for my machine) causes the fan to run continuously when plugged in.

  2. Pierre says:

    Hi !

    I have the same problem… and this program is called "HP TouchpointAnalyticsClient", that's a HP spy, collect data, use a lot of cpu and send it to HP !

    It used to be third part program, easy to uninstall from the Apps Manager but now it's a Windows components…

    Every time I tried to uninstalled, it re-installed automatically with Windows 10, for the moment the only way I found is to block the service in Windows Service Application :
    HP Analytics service > stop it and set to dissable

  3. Bruce Williamson says:

    Windows 10 wants to install it on my HP Omen. I have Win 10 so I can hide it or not install it. Doesn't seem mandatory though.

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  5. CJ says:

    Got another one fresh this morning through windows update.

    HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 1.19.1699.0

    Ridiculous that HP should stoop to this – repeatedly sending mystery updates without bothering to add a description whatsoever. Rudeness! While I don't want them to get acquired by Xerox, it seems clear they are getting desperate for some reason.

    • Dennis Turner says:

      I do wish for more info, but I believe this is a bug fix. For some reason my old machine started occasionally failing to boot properly. Bought new one (both HP) and lo and behold this started to exhibit the same problem.
      To solve and reboot with old, I just removed the battery, but no removable battery on the new one.
      Both had Win10, build 1903.
      Installing build 1909, which contained HP 1.19.1699.0, appears to have fixed to issue

  6. Lillian says:

    Same thing happened to me with my school laptop (A 2019 HP laptop) last week. Got one called HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 1.19.1692.0. As it turns out IT WAS A BIOS update. If it is the case with this update, I JUST UPDATED MY BIOS ABOUT A WEEK AGO THANKS TO YOU, HP!

  7. Marki says:

    There are several different "HP Inc. SoftwareComponent" updates. The spyware one has version 4.1.4, the second one mentioned in your article with version 2.1 is a driver for some radio ("HP Radio Manager Device" as in the MS update catalog). It can be also distinguished by the hardware ids it applies to.

  8. Suspect says:

    All the software you mention is related to HP Touch Point Analytics which is hidden in the Driver Store / File Repository- located in your system 32 folder, scroll through and you will find 3-5 registry's all related to HP Touch Point Analytics.

    There are no options to remove this. I was able to disable it with Webroot Complete Security software by adding any .exe files to the vault and Webroot blocking the applications from starting. HP and Microsoft have a work around for this which is to crash Windows requiring a reset. System restore will fail leaving you no option except a complete reinstall.

    Microsoft have granted HP permissions that will not allow you to change, remove or delete any part of these files. HP have hidden for a reason, as it is installed without your consent. It is connected to a number of hidden folders and files: Netflix, McAfee are some..

    It is also hard wired in with Windows services: Connected User Experiences & Telemetry, Connected Devices Platform Service, these can be disabled although the main service being DCOM Server Process Launcher cannot be disabled nor can Remote Procedure Call. There are many more services connected to HP Touch Point Analytics.

    The question remains why is a computer manufacture so interested in what we are doing or watching as this goes far beyond reasons of providing its consumers so called inbuilt support.

  9. Adam Volp says:

    I also have an HP Omen. Win10 Pro let's me adjust Windows Update settings so that:
    Critical – Informs me when avail, I choose when to DL.
    Driver – Placed in a separate area with option to install or ignore via check box.

    These HP Driver Updates are listed there:
    HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 1.0.750.0
    HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 4.2.466.0
    HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 1.31.2309.0

    What are you up to HP? Microsoft? Why aren't these included on your Microsoft Update Catalogue site?

    • Migabri says:

      Same situation here with an HP Omen:

      HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 1.0.750.0
      HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 4.2.466.0
      HP Inc. – SoftwareComponent – 1.31.2309.0

      listed in optional drivers, but i do not know what they are exactly…

      • John says:

        I didn't have 1.0.750.0, but I had the other two in my list. After I installed them, (1) Windows won't boot to a login screen when I have an external monitor plugged in, and (2) I can't play YouTube videos after I plug in the external monitor (but they work before). I don't have any video card driver updates, so I think these broke something…

  10. Donna n TX says:

    I have an HP laptop and my camera is not attached internally. I noticed 2 Hp updates that are not listed in the catalog. I am not a tech savvy person. I am wondering if the updates could be the problem with my camera. I do not want to sound paranoid but could HP be taking pictures and therefor keeping me from knowing this by disabling my camera use? Does anyone have a suggestion on how w i can fix my problem?I have tried reset.

  11. Kyle Jennings says:

    I have 2 brand new HP laptops one is a year old today and I've had complete hell with it. Within 3 months after purchasing it I had to do a complete re-install. Every update I have more issues and recently got a message on HP Support Assistant that comes pre installed that HP no longer supported BIOS update and my BIOS is outdated according to Windows. I started having file explorer and several other apps freezing up and extremely slow boot ups taking nearly 1 minute , The same for Firefox when I click on firefox it takes as long as 1min36 seconds to appear. Also since all this I checked task manager and found my cpu and gpu both running 100% doing nothing but downloading videos and I have it on a custom built cool pad with external cpu fan blowing toward the intake of the laptop. I barely navigate a computer I am so tech. challenged it's embarrassing. I got the temp back down by removing the 30 day update hold on windows.
    My other HP laptop has the same issues with file explorer and photos apps freezing up and the built in CD/DVD no longer shows up in file explorer until I put a disk in. It has been in file explorer since the day I got it 9 months ago. Suddenly after burning 2 disks it disappeared and from that time on I kept getting an error and a link to HP . I went to the link and it said to contact HP to find the nearest authorized repair center and I would have to pay for the repair and parts. So I did a system restore from an image via usb thumb drive and the cd/dvd burner works again but still doesnt appear in explorer until I put a disc in. These were my 5th and 6th brand new HP laptops over the years and my last. I have gotten nothing but the run around from HP and no reach around. All these trouble are the latest windows 10 21H2 and these fools want everyone to go to Windows 11 ??? Why would anyone go to 11 when it's clear they can't fix all the flaws with 10 so why would I think 11 will be any different. No Thanks I'm moving on to Linux.

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