Thunderbird 68.4.1 released

[German]The developers of the e-mail client Thunderbird have now released version 68.4.1. This is a maintenance (and security) update for the 68 main version of the email client.


German blog- reader Leser Andreas has informed me via e-mail and reader Ralf left this comment, mentions the update (thanks for that). I immediately tested with my old version 68.3.1, and was offered the new version. 

Thunderbird 68.4.1

If you are still using the 60’s version of Thunderbird, this update is now also offered. According to the release notes the update from version 60 is confirmed for Thunderbird 68.4.1 (was already the case with version 68.3.1). 

Thunderbird version 68.4.1 provides an automatic update from Thunderbird version 60. Note that Thunderbird version 68.4.0 was skipped. If you have installed Lightning, Thunderbird’s calendar add-on, it will automatically be updated to match the new version of Thunderbird. Refer to this Calendar troubleshooting article in case of problems.

Within the release notes you can also find the note that 68.4.0 was skipped. The new version brings are also the following changes:

Various improvements when setting up an account for a Microsoft Exchange Server: Now provides IMAP/SMTP, if available, better detection for Office 365 accounts; rerun configuration after password change.

The new Thunderbird version includes the following fixes:


  • Attachments with one or more spaces in the name could not be opened under certain circumstances
  • After changing the view layout, the message display area may show garbled content
  • Tags may have been lost on messages in shared IMAP folders
  • Different theme changes to achieve “pixel perfection”: Unread icon, “no result” icon, paragraph format and font selection, background of folder summary tooltip
  • Calendar: Event participant dialog was not displayed correctly

In addition, the vulnerabilities from this list have been fixed in the IonMonkey part (as with Firefox). Therefore you should update, as the vulnerability is actively exploited.

Known issue: When upgrading from Thunderbird version 60 to version 68, add-ons are not updated automatically during the upgrade process. However, they are updated during the add-on update check. It is of course possible to reinstall compatible add-ons via the Add-On Manager or via

The system requirements for the different operating system versions (see also):

  • Windows: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher er
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
  • Linux: GTK+ 3.4 or higher

The download is available here. Thunderbird is free of charge.


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