Outlook.com Premium Portal will be shutdown Feb. 2020

[German]A brief note for users of Outlook.com Premium that Microsoft will shutdown the associated portal End of February 2020. Personalized e-mail addresses will require an Office 365 Home or Premium subscription as of February 28, 2020.


I confess I got lost long time ago by the moves Microsoft is executing around Outlook.com. New domains has been introduced, removed and brought back. Personalized e-mail addresses has been introduced, and are now withdrawn. 2017 I found the description for Premium Outlook.com features for Office 365 subscribers.

Outlook.com Premium will be shut down soon

Users of an Outlook.com Premium subscription could use a personalized e-mail address that uses a custom domain. Should be ad-free and could be used by administrators. Wasn't trivial to administer, though. Probably kept a lot of people from using it, and then there was this announcement (in October 2017) that Outlook.com Premium would be closed to new subscribers.

At the end of January 2020 I came across the above tweet from Robert, which is a message from Microsoft. That should have been sent to every subscriber of Outlook.com Premium. The portal for Outlook.com Premium will be shut down by Microsoft on 2/28-2020.

Anyone who uses an Outlook.com Premium account with their own domain and personalized e-mail addresses will need a paid Office 365 Home or Premium subscription. In this article on ZDNet, Ed Bott describes how someone can continue to use the features in Office 365 Home or Personal subscriptions.


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