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Outlook.com is down (Feb. 7 , 2023)

[German]Microsoft's e-mail service outlook.com is today (February 7, 2023) since about 5:00 am German time probably disrupted worldwide. There are currently indications that the disruption is receding. But the status pages of Microsoft 365 or Outlook 365 continue to report … Continue reading

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Outlook.com issues (July 18, 2022)

[German]Microsoft's outlook.com service currently experiencing a number of problems. There is not only the problem that private outlook.com email accounts are deactivated because of suspicious activities for POP3 and IMAP. Business users currently also seem to have problems accessing their … Continue reading

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Outlook.com: "Sync Email" settings error "Unable to load these settings. Please try again later."(March 2022)

[Geman]A brief article about Microsoft's Outlook.com: There is a problem for users who want to collect mails from other email providers via Outlook.com. The feature in question has not been usable for some time now, with an error message stating … Continue reading

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Outlook.com: IMAP-XOAUTH2 login fails – some mail clients affected

[German]Microsoft seems to have recently changed the authentication for the IMAP protocol on its Outlook.com email service. It is no longer possible to use XOAUTH2, so some mail clients refuse to cooperate. Here is a brief overview of the situation.

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Outlook.com no longer deletes mail (2020-11)

[German]Users of the Microsoft e-mail service outlook.com are currently plagued by an annoying problem. If they delete a mail in their inbox, it will reappear as unread in their inbox shortly afterwards. Here is a brief overview of this issue … Continue reading

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Microsoft Store, Outlook und Xbox Live worldwide down (Nov. 10, 2020)

[German]Microsoft users are currently (November 10, 2020) experiencing worldwide problems accessing the Windows Store (Microsoft Store), Xbox Live services and Outlook. Here is some information about this.

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Outlook.com Premium Portal will be shutdown Feb. 2020

[German]A brief note for users of Outlook.com Premium that Microsoft will shutdown the associated portal End of February 2020. Personalized e-mail addresses will require an Office 365 Home or Premium subscription as of February 28, 2020.

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Is Microsoft's Outlook.com hack worse than admitted?

[German]The access of unauthorized third parties to Microsoft's email services such as outlook.com or hotmail.com was deeper than Microsoft first admitted. More details are slowly coming to light.

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Outlook.com down

A brief information for people who are using Outlook.com and have problems with the registration or the mail transfer. It's not up to you or your systems, Microsoft has some problems with Outlook.com.

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Microsoft AD tries to trick Outlook.com users under iOS

[German]It is well known that Microsoft sometimes uses unorthodox advertising methods (I express it cautiously). The latest attempt to trick iOS users working with Outlook.com (currently only in the USA) left a bitter taste.

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