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Is Microsoft’s Outlook.com hack worse than admitted?

[German]The access of unauthorized third parties to Microsoft’s email services such as outlook.com or hotmail.com was deeper than Microsoft first admitted. More details are slowly coming to light. Advertising

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Outlook.com down

A brief information for people who are using Outlook.com and have problems with the registration or the mail transfer. It’s not up to you or your systems, Microsoft has some problems with Outlook.com. Advertising

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Microsoft AD tries to trick Outlook.com users under iOS

[German]It is well known that Microsoft sometimes uses unorthodox advertising methods (I express it cautiously). The latest attempt to trick iOS users working with Outlook.com (currently only in the USA) left a bitter taste. Advertising

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Exchange and Outlook.com down in Europe?

It seems that Microsoft’s Exchange and Outlook.com services are down, at least in Europa – but I’ve seen also messages from Brazil. Users can’t access their e-mails. Advertising

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Is Outlook.com down?

It seems, that Microsoft’s Outlook.com has a worldwide outage. First I noticed, that a fresh outlook.de account, I set up this morning, dropped sync errors. Advertising

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Skype down?

It seems that Microsoft has issues with several services. Yesterday (10/06/2016) some users recognized Outlook.com outaages (see). Now MSPowerUser reported also, that Skype is down. The Skype status page reports that Skype is down. Somebody else can confirm this? Advertising

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