Outlook.com issues (July 18, 2022)

Stop - Pixabay[German]Microsoft's outlook.com service currently experiencing a number of problems. There is not only the problem that private outlook.com email accounts are deactivated because of suspicious activities for POP3 and IMAP. Business users currently also seem to have problems accessing their mailboxes via the web interface. The login is denied. In addition, during a research today I noticed some people where Outlook as a client is on strike and can't access the mail servers. It always asks for credentials.


Problems with outlook.com

Microsoft has announced on Twitter via Social Media Team that there are problems with outlook.com and they are investigating the whole thing (I came across it here).

According to the short text, users are experiencing problems accessing Exchange Online and outlook[.]com services. Functionality is limited or impaired. Microsoft has provided further details in the Admin Center under EX401976 and OL401977 for administrators in enterprise environments. So this is about features for enterprises (Office 365, Microsoft 365).

Status Exchange Online

Addendum: The error is fixed, as can be seen from the message above (thanks to the user who provided the screenshot).


Issues for private users

Users who have created a private, free Microsoft account at outlook[.]com and want to use it for receiving and sending e-mails are also experiencing trouble. Microsoft's account security monitoring AI often detects unusual activity and access from strange locations. It then prevents access via POP3 and/or IMAP and locks the account – the user receives a notification. I covered the story in the blog post Outlook.com 'account suspensions' due to unusual sign-in activities – is Microsoft's AI running amok, or are accounts compromised? – a solution is still unknown.

Outlook can't log in to account

In the Microsoft Answers forum for Outlook.com, I came across this thread while doing some research. Dated July 14, 2022, the individual writes that he is being asked to verify his account. However, he is unable to log in.

I am having a strange behavior in my outlook.com.br account too that can be relate with this issue. Suddenly my Outlook program begun ask me password out of the blue. I can access my account via webmail, but not more in outlook program. Searching for this issue I read that this could be related with 2FA, option that is not active in my account. It is for sure that MS has some bug in its Outlook service/platform.

He is using Outlook 2013 – and here it could be that he has run into the problem described in the blog post Outlook/Apps failing sending mails? Microsoft has disabled SMTP (July 2022) described problem. Also German blog reader Paul reported,

hat his Outlook won't start up anymore and the request for credentials keep coming. As a result, he can no longer access his hotmail.de or outlook.com mailbox via Outlook 2016. However, access works via the web interface.

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5 Responses to Outlook.com issues (July 18, 2022)

  1. EP says:

    bleepingcomputer article updated to have the following:

    Update July 1, 12:38 EDT: Microsoft says it fixed the issue that caused this outage.

    "We identified a section of our network infrastructure that was performing below acceptable thresholds. We've rerouted connections to alternate infrastructure and that confirmed the issue is resolved," Redmond tweeted.

    though it may still not be fixed for some users in a few other regions. I'll test later today if the Outlook.com site works correctly in my region

    • guenni says:

      Got this morning the feedback from my German users (where I've updated the text with "Microsoft has fixed"), that there are still issues.

      • EP says:

        maybe in germany but not in the usa
        logged into outlook.com site with my old hotmail email address on 7/20 fine without problems in my region

  2. az says:

    there are still issues TODAY JULY20

    • EP says:

      not for me, az
      logged in on July 20 USA local time on outlook.com site yesterday with my old MSN hotmail account and found no issues

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