Debian 9.12 and 10.3 released

[German]The Debian project has released new installation images for Debian 9.12 and 10.3 this weekend (February 8th) I had already seen it, but blog reader Ralf explicitly points it out in this comment (thanks for that).


Debian 10.3

On the news page of the Debian project you can find some notes about what has changed in the update of version 10.3 (codename 'Buster'). The new update mainly fixes security issues in the stable version of Debian 10. A detailed overview of what exactly has been fixed can be found on the page linked above. 

Debian 9.12

At the same time the old Debian 9 branch (codename Stretch) has been updated to version 9.12. Debian 9.x will get updates until June 2022. This update too mainly fixes security holes of the oldstable release as well as some serious problems, the details of which can be read in this document.

You can download the images via this Debian page. Existing systems can be updated via the package management, as sketched within the Debian pages linked above.

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