Install Windows 10X (Emulator Image) on bare metal

[German]How to install Windows 10X on a real machine using the emulator image? This question has been intrested some people, and folks obviously managed to bring Windows X to hardware system.


Windows 10X is Microsoft's attempt to manage two-screen devices under Windows. So a few days ago the Redmond based company released an SDK and a Windows 10X emulator for testing. 

Yesterday I found the above tweet from adguard – it's russian. But the post Installing Installing Windows 10X (emulator image) on real hardware is in English. It deals with how to install the emulator image on real hardware. But the requirements are sportive – as a host the following is needed:

  • Windows 10 Manganese build (195xx).
  • Utility USB flash drive of ~32GB+.

The following hardware requirements must be met from the target system:

  • PU with Hyper-V support for VAIL.
  • Graphics card with DCHU drivers available.
  • UEFI system firmware with the ability to disable Secure Boot.
  • Boot drive larger than 128 GiB. An 128 GB SSD usually isn't.
  • Preferred: 4Kn boot drive. We'll provide steps a bit later for converting the image.

As a 'poor' blogger, I can't afford such hardware (or don't want to do that). But since most people are well-equipped, maybe the handicraft instructions are something for a weekend project. And German blog reader David Xanatos already asked an interesting question here (German).


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