Windows 10 Insider Preview: Changes in Telemetry Options

[German]In future Windows 10 versions, Microsoft intends to 'rename' the options for telemetry data acquisition – but the content will not change. This is stated in the announcement for the last Insider Preview.


New Telemetry options

At the end of last week, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Insider Preview 19577 for testers (I mentioned it briefly in the blog post Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19577 without going into much detail). But in the Windows Blog, there is a short note that will be relevant for Windows 10 users in the future:

Diagnostic data changes in Settings

As part of the Microsoft initiative to increase transparency and control over data, we're making some changes to the Settings app and Group Policy settings that will start showing up in Windows Insider builds this month.

Basic diagnostic data is now known as Required diagnostic data and Full diagnostic data is now Optional diagnostic data. If you're a commercial customer and choose to send Optional diagnostic data, we will also be providing more granular Group Policy settings to configure the data that's collected within your organization.

We'll publish more specifics around the new policies when we get closer to the retail release, and in the meantime, check out the Microsoft Privacy Report for more information around our data collection practices.

As part of the initiative 'Improve transparency and control over data' Microsoft is changing some entries in the Settings page.

  • The previous option Basic for collecting minimal telemetry data in Windows 10 is now called Required – an allusion to the fact that this data collection is considered indispensable.
  • The option currently named as Full will be named as Optional in future versions of Windows 10.

I don't quite understand the sense of this whole action – nothing changed under the hood. And if you test in the Windows Insider Preview, you have to set the telemetry data collection to Full before you upgrade to build 19577. Otherwise you will not get any more Insider Builds in the future.

Only companies will be able to use Group Policies in future,  to define which telemetry data – in addition to the required data – is collected in the Optional level. The option to completely disable telemetry, which I mentioned in the article Windows 10 V1909 Enterprise: Telemetry can be deactivated, seems to be taken back.

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  1. User says:

    Nice try MS, now forget the US market where this **** is tolerated and explain how do you intend to collect the GDPR required consent before hand?

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