Firefox 74.0 and 68.6.0esr released

Mozilla[English]The Mozilla developers have released Firefox version 74.0 and 68.6.0esr on March 10, 2020. This is a new major version 74 for the browser, removing support for TLS 1.0/1.1, and a maintenance update for the long-term version (ESR).


Firefox 74.0.0

According to the release notes, this is a new major version of Firefox, which contains some new features. 

  • The login management has been improved by the possibility to reverse the alphabetical sorting (name Z-A) in Lockwise password manager. Access is possible under Logins and Passwords.
  • With Firefox it is now easy to import bookmarks and history from the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows and Mac.
  • Add-ons installed by external applications can now be removed using the Add-ons Manager (about:addons). In the future, only users will be able to install add-ons; they cannot be installed by an application.
  • The Facebook container prevents Facebook from tracking users on the web – Facebook logins, preferences and comments are automatically blocked on non-Facebook sites. However, users can create an exception exception by adding custom sites to the Facebook container.
  • Firefox now provides better privacy for your web voice and video calls by supporting mDNS ICE, by disguising your computer's IP address with a random ID in certain WebRTC scenarios.

The release notes also list some changes. For example, the Next button has been moved when uploading pictures and videos for Picture-in-Picture. On Windows, Ctrl+I can now open the Page Info window instead of opening the bookmarks sidebar. Ctrl+B still opens the bookmarks sidebar, making the keyboard shortcuts more useful for our users. The developers have disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. Web sites that do not support TLS version 1.2 now display an error page.

In addition, Firefox 74.0 has closed the vulnerabilities described on this page (some are rated High). And a bug with stuck tabs during reordering has been fixed. The browser can be updated via the help menu and About Firefox (worked fine ony my system). The new Firefox is also available for download here for various platforms. Alternatively you can download the browser via FTP

Firefox 68.6.0esr

According to the release notes, the maintenance update of Firefox 68.6.0esr only contains the vulnerabilities described on this page. The browser can be downloaded via FTP. Thanks to Ralf for the tip.

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