Microsoft Edge 81.0.416.53 released

Edge[German]An anonymous blog reader left this comment, pointing out, that Microsoft has releaded Chromium Edge 81 in stable channel.  I updated the browser in Windows 7 and got version 81.0.416.53.Details about the new realease isn't available. But the colleagues from German site have published a change log. Here is the translated version.


  • The featrue Collections is now available. You can start by clicking the Collections icon next to the address bar. This action opens the Collections area, where you can create, edit, and view collections. You can show or hide the Collections button on the Edge toolbar.
  • Application Guard extensions are now supported in the container.
  • Added a message to inform users that Internet Explorer is not installed when they navigate to a page configured to open in Internet Explorer mode.
  • The 3D View tool in Microsoft Edge DevTools has been updated with a new feature
  • The F12 dev tools are localized into 10 new languages, so that they match the language used in the rest of the browser
  • Added support for Dolby Vision playback. On Dolby Vision-enabled Windows 10 Build 17134 (April 2018 update), websites can display Dolby Vision content.
  • Microsoft Edge can now identify and remove duplicate favorites and merge folders with the same name. To access the tool, click the star on the browser toolbar and select "Remove duplicate favorites. This allows you to confirm changes and all updates to your favorites will be synchronized across devices.
  • Microsoft received feedback from users, that it can be difficult to tell a normal browser window in a dark theme from an InPrivate window because both window frames are dark. The new single-color blue InPrivate window in the upper right corner gives users the assurance that they are browsing in InPrivate.
  • Open external links in the correct browser profile. Choose a default profile for links opened for external applications to open them via edge://settings/multiProfileSettings.
  • Added a warning that warns users who log in to a browser profile with one account after they have previously logged in with another account. This warning helps to prevent unintentional data merges.
  • If you payment cards stored in a Microsoft account, the data can be used in Microsoft Edge when filling out payment forms. The cards in a Microsoft account are synchronized across all desktop devices.
  • The full Line Focus is intended for users who want to concentrate on a limited part of the content while reading. It allows users to concentrate on one, three or five lines at a time and hides the rest of the page so that users can read without distraction. Users can scroll using touch or arrow keys and the focus shifts accordingly.
  • Microsoft Edge is now integrated with Windows Speller on Windows platforms 8.1 and higher. This integration provides better language support, with access to more language dictionaries and the ability to use custom Windows dictionaries.
  • When opening PDF documents with Microsoft Edge, users can now create highlights, change color and delete highlights. This feature helps users refer to important parts of the document later and helps them collaborate.
  • When loading long PDF documents optimized for the web, the pages displayed by the user load faster and in parallel while the rest of the document loads.
  • Now it's easier to launch the Immersive Reader for a Web site by simply pressing the F9 key.
  • Now it's easier to start reading aloud with a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + U).
  • Settings -> Smartphones and other devices have now been integrated.

The new Chromium Edge may be downloaded from this website. Addendum: The release notes are now availble here.

Addendum 2: At ADV200002 Microsoft released also the fixed vulnerabilities in version 81.0.416.53.

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