Belkin shuts down Wemo NetCam Server at May 29, 2020

[German]Wemo-Netcam surveillance cameras will literally be useless after May 29, 2020. The reason: provider Belkin will switch off the Wemo NetCam servers at this time. The cameras are then effectively bricked and are electronic scrap.


In an announcement (German) from April 28, 2020, Belkin says that the Wemo® NetCam platform won't be supported anymore. Here is the translated text:

Wemo® NetCam products will be phased out on May 29, 2020 as the video service platform we use to support these products will be discontinued.  Until then, we will continue to support Wemo NetCam services, but after that date, the service will no longer work.

Belkin will then, after 7 years of operation, pull the plug on the video service platform that was used to support these products and will shut them down.

Cameras will be dead afterward

Although the Wemo NetCam will continue to function and connect to a configured Wi-Fi network, users without the Wemo NetCam servers will not be able to view the video feed or access Wemo NetCam security features such as motion clips and motion notifications.

Anyone using the Wemo NetCam as a motion detector for other components of the Wemo product line also looks stupid. Because the servers are switched off, this functionality is no longer available and is removed from the Wemo App as an option.

Other software cannot be used

Belkin recommends that you save all files/videos before May 29, 2020. According to Belkin, it is also not possible to use the camera with third-party software. Wemo NetCam uses the iSecurity+ video services platform for all video recording and motion detection functions. It cannot be connected to third-party software applications.


Reimbursement for iSecurity+ subscription & camera

Belkin will offer refunds to buyers of Wemo NetCams that are within the 2 year warranty period. In addition, Belkin users were able to purchase an iSecurity+ subscription for is the service platform used to operate the Wemo NetCam. This service allowed users to pay for the premium video recording service for one year in advance.

For users with an annual subscription that is still active as of May 29, 2020, Belkin will offer a refund for any unused portion of the subscription valued at $9.99* for each month remaining. Details can be found in the Belkin document here. The Register has also an article about that here.

All in all, the bottom line is that by the end of May, a lot of Wemo NetCam installations are bricked and are electronic waste. A bad move and maybe a warning for  to all enthusiasts who can't hop fast enough on such systems that only work in conjunction with a server of the provider, to pay attention to something like this in the future. Any of you affected by this shutdown?

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15 Responses to Belkin shuts down Wemo NetCam Server at May 29, 2020

  1. Tom Murphy says:

    Let me know when the class action law suit will be filed.

    • Shirley Zambaldi says:

      I went online looking for a class action lawsuit too.

    • Bethh Zeller says:

      Went to update my wifi network on the NetCam a few months ago and couldn't, didn't have time to look into it until now that I need it. I had registered my products (I had 2) but never heard that this was happening. Also hoping to join in a lawsuit. Keep me updated.

  2. George Glasser says:

    How do they get away with just shutting down their servers? I'll never buy their products again. I think there should be a class action lawsuit.

  3. John Benjamin says:

    Apart from my terminally ill Wemo Net Cams will the rest of the Belkin Wemo WiFi power outlets and light switches continue to work.

    • guenni says:

      Please ask the vendor – I'm just a small blogger covering some topics – but I'm not the product specialist that knows, what Belin has in stock.

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  5. K Dracopoulos says:

    This is disgusting, will never buy another Belkin product again, I now have $600 of worthless plastic.

  6. AJB says:

    I have 5 NetCam HD+ cameras and 12 wemo switches… I'm just a poor customer that spent thousands of dollars and got screwed over by a company that makes millions in profit every year.
    Class action lawsuit coming soon!!!

  7. Sonnie says:

    I am throughly disgusted with this company. Why was the server shut down making Netcams totally useless. I can't get a refund because I've own three cameras for over three years.
    Count me in on filing a Class action lawsuit.

  8. Brian G. says:

    I also have fallen victim to the large profitable company that took over $500 of my money to left me with 4 HD+ paperweights. Their solution was to give me a 50% off coupon for more of their crap. No thanks Belkin, at this point I want my money back. This is false advertising at worst. You are not giving me what I paid for. I can not even log in to view footage, never mind record. I will never buy from Belkin again. They can not be trusted with any of their products now. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!!! On the plus I have 4 extra transformers I may be able to use if I don't throw them out too. RIP Belkin. Is anyone else interested in a class action suit?

  9. GJ says:

    I am through with Belkin. This should have been a peer to peer system to start with. You would think they would develop some software for you to monitor this camera with.

  10. belkin sucks never buy says:

    🤣🤣🤣really? do they expect any business after this? this is insane. simply steal from people and then they suggest their other products?🤣🤣🤣🤬🤬

  11. Russell HEad says:

    Count me in on filing a Class action lawsuit too. I feel totally robbed.

  12. Bradley Beshea says:

    I'll join a class action.

  13. Angel Z says:

    I've got 10 useless cameras now, count me in.

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