IBM shuts down ‘Virtual Servers for VPC on POWER’

[German]IBM has just announced to consolidate its Power Systems offering and will soon switch off 'Virtual Servers for VPC on POWER'. I don't know if anyone is using this.


IBM's announcement can be found on the IBM Cloud Blog – I found out about it through The Register. IBM currently offers two power-powered cloud options.

  • One is IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC on Power, which includes additional networking smarts to build virtual private clouds, supports GPUs and can run Linux.
  • The other is IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers, which is closer to Infrastructure-as-a-Service and runs AIX and IBM's "i" operating systems.

IBM has decided to consolidate its Power Systems offerings into the IBM cloud. As a result, the former IBM 'Cloud Virtual Server for VPC on POWER' mentioned above will be discontinued and customers will be referred to the latter Power Systems Virtual Server offering. IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers offers the AIX and IBM i operating systems and will be expanded to Linux later this year.

Customers who need the benefits of GPU processing in the IBM cloud can continue to choose from a variety of performance-level GPU card options on IBM's x86-based bare-metal and x86 processor-based virtual servers (the options can be found here). Regarding the expiring offer:

  • After June 2, 2020, no new instances of VPC can be deployed on POWER.
  • Existing VPC on POWER customers whose instances were deployed from the EOM (End of Marketing) date will be able to continue to use these virtual servers and deploy new virtual servers until the EOS date.
  • For a period of 90 days after the End of Marketing Date, all existing instances will continue to be available on the Services Dashboard in the IBM Cloud Console.

The End of Support (EOS) date is August 22, 2020 and any instance still available at the end of the support date will be deleted.

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