Windows 10 V2004: Downloads removed from disk cleanup

[German]Microsoft has probably reacted to the user feedback and removed the option to clean the Downloads folder via Disk Cleanup. A protection against accidental deletion of files.


The colleagues from Bleeping Computer noticed this and Lawrence Abrams mentioned it in an article and in the following tweet.

Problem: Disk cleanup clean options

In Windows 10 there is the classic disk cleaning – which has been declared obsolete – and a page in the settings – where you can select folders that are to be cleaned. This allows for example, to remove the contents of temporary folders, old Windows installation or update files.

Disk Cleanup
(Disk Cleanup, Source: Bleeping Computer)

In Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809), the developers added the Downloads folder to the list of folders to be emptied by Disk Cleanup as an option. The screenshot above shows that the Downloads folder is listed in the right pane. If a user selects the corresponding checkbox, the Disk Cleanup will then delete everything that might have been downloaded there.


Disk Cleanup Feedback Hub
(Disk Cleanup Feedback Hub Entry, Source: Bleeping Computer)

In the Feedback Hub, there is the above entry in which users request that the Downloads folder be removed from Disk Cleanup to prevent unintentional deletion of its contents. Users can empty the content manually in the file manager.

Windows 10 1909 and Windows 10 2004 Disk Cleanup
(Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 1909 and Windows 10 2004, Source: Bleeping Computer

The screenshot above shows that the Downloads option is still included in the Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 version 1909. In Windows 10 version 2004, however, the entry was silently removed.

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