Thunderbird 68.10.0 released

[German]The developers of the e-mail client Thunderbird released version 68.10.0 on July 1, 2020. This is a maintenance update for the 68 main branch of the e-mail client, which fixes some bugs.


The hint to the new version already came from German blog reader Tom in this comment (thanks for that). Of course I tested immediately, and was offered the new version.

Thunderbird 68.10.0

During a quick check, the update installed without any problems and I could not detect any errors. According to the release notes there are the following fixes for the new Thunderbird version:

  • Chat: Topics did not display some characters correctly
  • Calendar: Filtering of tasks did not work when “Incomplete tasks” was selected.

So it seems, that there are only minor fixes.

System requirements

The system requirements for the different operating system versions (see also):


  • Windows: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • Linux: GTK+ 3.4 or higher

The download is available here. By the way, the Thunderbird is free.

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1 Response to Thunderbird 68.10.0 released

  1. Charles Stone-Tolcher says:

    I installed this today along with linux mint 20.1. Not very user friendly. How do i add a second email address? Of roll back to an earlier edition that actually works. That is why I use Thunderbird, I have more than one address, if I didn’t I would not need it. I have been using Thunderbird for several years but this version is a monstrosity.

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