Microsoft Edge upgrade to be extended

Edge[German]Microsoft plans to roll out the Chromium-based Edge Browser via Windows Update on Windows systems used in enterprise environments and educational institutions.


In February 2020, I reported in the article Microsoft Chromium Edge Rollout via Windows Update started that the new chromium-based Edge-Browser will be distributed to Windows Insider. The rollout will be done in waves. Since the beginning of June 2020, the Chromium Edge has been rolled out to all consumer users via Windows Update (see Windows 10: Chromium Edge are rolled out to user).

But Microsoft had also made it clear that there should be no auto-update for the Chromium Edge Browser in enterprise environments with managed updates. I have summarized some details in the blog post Chromium-Edge: Issues and no Auto Update for Enterprises.

On the other hand, Microsoft recently mentioned a long list of features that are not being further developed under Windows 10 2004 (see my blog post Windows 10 Version 2004: Deprecated/removed features). This includes the old (legacy) version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Consequently, Microsoft has to distribute the new Edge browser, which is based on Google's Chromium, to Windows 10 users.

Expansion to Business and Education

Now Microsoft has announced the expansion of the rollout. The new Chromium Edge is also to be rolled out in enterprise environments (Enterprise) and in educational institutions (Education). The following tweet draws attention to this.


In his Techcommunity article states that the world has changed dramatically in the last 6 months. In particular, home office and remote working has increased dramatically. In the education sector there is now an increasing number of virtual classrooms that are now accessed via the web browser. By working and learning at remote locations, IT departments must be equipped to protect their schools and organizations in this new hyper-digital environment. To address these changes, Microsoft plans to make the new Chromium Edge browser – with the latest security features – widely available through Windows Update.

Microsoft has abandoned the plan originally presented in January 2020 to roll out the new Edge, which excluded Windows 10 Enterprise and Education environments. Microsoft will not begin replacing the Microsoft Edge Legacy Edge browser with the new Chromium-based Edge browser before July 30, 2020. This will be done via Windows Update and will now also affect Windows 10 devices with the Enterprise and Education SKUs.

However, Microsoft also states that this update will not affect Windows 10 clients that are updated in the Enterprise and Education environment through Windows Update for Business (WUfB) or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). The updates will initially target educational devices to take into account the timing of return to school. Microsoft plans to provide a timeline for companies at a later date with information on the changeover. How to block a browser update is described in the article Microsoft's Chromium Edge will be distributed via update soon.

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