Microsoft Edge: Error playing YouTube vidos and using AdBlock Plus

Edge[German]Microsoft has issued a warning about the Chromium Edge browser. There is a conflict between Microsoft Edge and the browser extension AdBlock Plus, which causes problems when viewing YouTube videos. The error also occurs with Google Chrome or the Brave browser.


The message Microsoft can be found in the Techcommunity article Known Issue – Adblock causing errors on YouTube and is mainly aimed at Windows insiders.

I came across the topic via the above tweet from Bleeping Computer. Microsoft's media team has received a number of reports of a possible bug.

YouTube playback error

A number of users who have installed the AdBlock (Plus) or Adblock for Youtube extensions reported that errors occur when playing YouTube videos.

Schwarzer Bildschirm bei der YouTube-Wiedergabe
Black screen during YouTube playback


The error is that the video player displays a black screen with the message 'An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: [video_id])' when trying to play a YouTube video. Microsoft has determined that this behavior occurs on all operating systems and all Microsoft Edge channels (developer, stable).

A workaround is possible

The Microsoft team has found a simple workaround. When problems with YouTube occur and one of the two Adblock extensions is enabled, Microsoft developers recommend disabling these extensions and reloading the website.

Feedback welcome

It is currently unclear what triggers this behaviour. Microsoft is still investigating the behavior, but is asking Windows Insiders for feedback. This feedback can take the form of comments on this article.

Microsoft Edge developers would like to know if users see this error message but do not use the Adblock extension, or if the workaround above (disable the Adblocker and refresh the page) does not fix the error. If the scenario occurs, Microsoft will ask you to send a feedback through Microsoft Edge. To do this, press and hold the Shift+Alt+I key combination in the browser. Alternatively, you can navigate to the "…" menu, select Help and Feedback and then select Send Feedback. There you should include a detailed description of the problem and check the box to insert diagnostic data. 

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One Response to Microsoft Edge: Error playing YouTube vidos and using AdBlock Plus

  1. Alan Cameron says:

    I could not figure out why the video would simply keep buffering. The dreaded swirl indicating the video not loading. No error message. On hovering the mouse over the video playback timeline I could see the individual scenes in the video – but it would not load. So I decided to try what has been discovered and published here. I use the Microsoft approved Ad -Guard Blocker. I went To You Tube started to try and play a video, – same problem,. I disabled Ad -Guard and up came the video. I enabled the Ad -Guard – and the video went back to buffering. After several simple trials – enabling and disabling – it was clear that on visiting other sites like the BBC or CNN, there was no problem with the Ad -Blocker enabled. You Tube would only play the video if I turned off Ad _Guard.

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