Microsoft's Chromium Edge will be distributed via update soon

[German]Another brief message for people who are using Windows 10 and Edge Browser. Microsoft is ready to distribute the final version of the Chromium-based browser via update to supported Windows 10 platforms. This shall start in mid January 2020.


A year ago, Microsoft announced that they wanted to fundamentally overhaul their Edge browser. Microsoft employee Joe Belfiore had announced the details in December 2018 within the blog post Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration. The intention was to adapt the Microsoft Edge web platform to web standards and other chromium-based browsers.

Chromium-basede Edge is ready

Now it's time: Microsoft starts delivering the final version of the chromium-based Edge Browser. Sites like report that the distribution will take place in mid-January 2020 via an update. All systems with Windows 10 from version 1803 should then get the stable version of the new Edge Browser via update.

The new Edge Browser replaces the old Edge Browser in the Windows 10 Start menu and taskbar. However, the old browser remains in the system. The new browser should be recognizable by the changed taskbar icon.

Block Upgrade

However, the update of the browser can be prevented by a registration entry. To do this, navigate to the key in the registry editor, which must run with administrator rights:



and inserts the 32-bit DWORD value DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium. If the value is set to 1, an upgrade to the Chromium variant is blocked. There is also an Edge Blocker Toolkit from Microsoft that you can use to set or unlock the lock.

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