Microsoft pauses new Edge builds in Dev, Beta & Stable channel

Edge[German]Brief  information for people testing beta versions of the Microsoft Chromium Edge. There will be no new builds in the dev and beta channels (and in the stable channel as well) in the coming 2 weeks.


A few hours ago there was this comment from blog reader MrX1980, in which he referred to the Microsoft announcement. The Program Manager & Community Manager – Microsoft Edge has published a corresponding announcement in this Techcommunity post.

In order to keep up with the Chromium project’s release schedule, the browser’s developers have decided not to plan any dev, beta or stable releases for the next two weeks (I guess urgent security updates will be released anyway).

However, the Canary channel will continue to receive updates every weekday. Starting in the week of July 13th, Edge developers plan to resume the typical release cycle, with dev releases providing weekly updates, and beta releases of the Edge browser will provide updates all 6 weeks.


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1 Response to Microsoft pauses new Edge builds in Dev, Beta & Stable channel

  1. Chris Pugson says:

    To this user, Chromium Edge is just Chrome with a Microsoft veneer. I ran BrowserAudit on both MS Chromium Edge and Google Chrome and the results were identical, including a CRITICAL failure to block http JavaScript. Might I be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft’s adoption of Chromium is simply a cost saving measure?

    Mozilla Firefox’s performance under BrowserAudit is far better. I just hope that Microsoft can keep its dirty hands off Firefox.

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