When the degoo bot closes your lifelong account …

[German]I'd have one more for the end of Sunday. It's about a user, whose 'lifelong' user account was closed 'because of copyright infringement'.


Within the the blog post Stop: Arbitrary blocking of Microsoft Accounts I had recently mentioned, that Microsoft may deactivate your private Microsoft Account without a warning. Then you are digitally wiped wit your existence. Even an image on OneDrive can trigger such an action, as I explain in the article Microsoft's account suspensions and the OneDrive 'nude' photos.

What is Degoo

Degoo is a cloud service that advertises 'Life's best memories – AI based cloud storage that helps you rediscover your best photos' – see the following screenshot.


They advertise 10 TB of storage in the cloud and some other stuff. An account is auickly created…

… and your account is gone.

Blog reader Markus K. has often provided me with interesting information (mostly for Windows admins) for the blog here. The days a nice mail came in, which fits exactly into the grid 'you bet on the cloud until you betray'. Markus K. has a user account at Degoo and probably stored some data there. Now his user account was locked.


Dear Günter,

have a lifetime subscription there and yes, you could have read the package insert carefully, but I deliberately didn't upload the files.

I'll save the appeal right now. What I'm more interested in is, will the data be deleted according to DSGVO and all of them?

As far as the DSGVO is concerned, the question arises to me, who could have fulfilled this at all and if the contract would not have had to be dissolved anyway and money back?

Probably just a cheap way out, the main thing is to get rid of some annoying "lifetime subscriptions".

Deleting the account at once can be quite a pain in the ass. Could it understand if said files are deleted and a warning is issued.

Sounds almost like dictatorial methods.

What keeps Markus busy is the following notification by the Degoo bot that a copyright violation by uploaded files is claimed on his memory.

Degoo Bot Copyright-Verletzung-Mitteilung

I have blurrred files that were criticized unrecognizable to protect the user. So the bot has found files in a private cloud, which he claims to violate the copyright of a third party. The account (in this case it was granted life-long access) the user account will be closed within 2 weeks. You can still file an appeal. But Markus K. writes that he does not consider this to be reasonable.

The question that concerns him: What actually happens to the data? Will it be deleted correctly according to DSGVO? All in all, this case shows once again how shaky the whole cloud stuff is.

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45 Responses to When the degoo bot closes your lifelong account …

  1. Phil Konstantin says:

    They have now blocked my paid for 10TB plan, and reverted it to their free 100GB plan. They will not respond to any of my e-mails or support tickets.

    • Bhavin mashru says:

      For me, the same situation.
      I have a lifetime subscription, and Degoo changed it to a free account. I've received the same message about a Degoo Bot… I've opened tickets to support, and no answer comes from Degoo. It is disgustful

  2. Sax says:

    My office also got a similar warning. Many of these files are also on Google cloud but I've never had any problems and plays on Google Play. Power trip by this upstart. I'm sorry I don't want anyone going through my files one bit.

    The whole cloud thing especially with degoo or whatever this is named is done far as my office is concerned and me

  3. Rohan says:

    I got the same email and all my files have vanished from the account and all traces removed that I was a lifelong account holder – Just reverted to a free account – the settings show that there is 55 GB of data on the account, but I cannot see any of it in the Web App.

    For the most part, I had purchased the data that is being classified as 'copyright violation' by the bot

  4. Advertising

  5. sandro says:

    For me, the same situation.
    I have a lifetime subscription, and Degoo changed it to a free account. I've received the same message about a Degoo Bot… I've opened tickets to support, and no answer comes from Degoo. It is disgustful.

  6. Mohsin says:

    Same happened to me a month ago but the worst thing was that I was so unfortunate as my HDD also crashed this week and now I don't have any data, I have raised a ticket and hoping to get my data. I have requested access for a short period to recover my data.

  7. Moumita Aich says:

    I don't know what happened. Suddenly all the photos are gone and my account is been locked without any notification or anything else. This is not good. I trusted Degoo. All my memories are there. Please I want them back…

  8. Nauman says:

    I was a user of Degoo since last many years. But recently, they deleted my account without any prior intimation. Bad service. Totally unreliable

  9. Shashank Dubey says:

    I received a mail saying that my account will be terminated but then proceding that, I get same mail saying my account was not in violation so I don't have to do anything and it will not be terminated. But after that, all of my data was gone, I asked customer care to run the restore program, post that, only metadata was restored, meaning, "thumbnails". They deleted my Late Mother's pics and videos without my permission and without giving me warning about deletion.

    • JBennett says:

      They used the restore program on my account as well, so now I have the same situation as you described: only metadata and thumbnails, no photos/videos. Did you ever get the files back?

  10. moni says:

    the same happened to me. I lost many valuable and photos and other files. Pictures I'd been compiling as evidence for a lawsuit against my slumlord landlord, beloved family members and friends and pets who have passed away…im extremely upset over this and until finding this website now, could not find anyone else who experienced the same problems with degoo…is this legal? has anyone considered a lawsuit? i dint really know if thats even possible in this case but i think what they're doing is so terrible and that they should be held responsible in some way….I couldn't even get them respond to multiple emails, there's no phone number for contact, it's ridiculous. It's like, do these degoo people even exist? why can't they respond? feeling helpless… :(

  11. Saif Khan says:

    Same story here. Can these guys be sued?

  12. book says:

    contact me when there is a class action lawsuit

    parismexico at protonmail (.com)

    • wang says:

      I live in Taiwan, and I am also a lifetime holder of DEGOO 10T. Recently, I was locked for no reason. I also want to participate in the class action

    • Bech says:

      I want to partecipate too, it is a shame!

  13. Sasa says:

    The same to me i had 2,5tb data and its gone now! Unbeliveable!

  14. I want my money back says:

    I got the copyright infringement message as well. Now my data is gone. All I got was some bot message. No human interaction at all. Calls for class action.

  15. Sandy Smith says:

    NEVER EVER GET degoo 10+ TB accounts its a pure scam, I have had 2 of my 15TB accounts canceled because I had some rar ( encrypted rar backups) files with some backups of my computer. I got the same email from their bot, Its impossible for them to conclusively tell me there is copyright material, because I downloaded these backups and checked myself, there are some videos from family clips but these are my own not copyright material, because of this I am livid. Also degoo is a slime bag company because the data is encrypted, Its unclear if they are extracting file lists or some some deep inspection on my content and guessing purely trying to defraud folks. NEVER EVER sign up for these people. I have formally made a complaint and based on current advice at minimum, I should be refunded my original purchase cost roughly 1 year ago. What a scam pass on the word they should not be given ANY business.

  16. sumon says:

    i lost my all data bu ininstalling the app. l never thought that will happen. As i can remember my account and passward , i thought it can get back . pls advise me . My 6 years memory all lost .

  17. informed consumer says:

    DEGOO is a pure SCAM / fraud ! You can download all your stuff off degoo using https://jdownloader.org/ and get your stuff off degoo ASAP, for thoes that lost all their memories such as irreplaceable photos file a consumer fraud case with interpol https://www.interpol.int/en/Contacts/Report-a-suspected-fraud-and-abuse-of-INTERPOL-s-name degoo is a pure FRAUD! its just a money grab. do not be fooled! i have multiple accounts gone some with no files HOW!! because its fraud. I hope this company executives cannot sleep at night bad Karma for ripping people off.

  18. Franklin Harvey says:

    I also want to participate in the class action

  19. Kenneth Okava says:

    I got the same infringement mail today and appealed. waiting to see what next from them. funked up cloud providers

  20. Mary says:

    I just sent my complaint to Interpol.

  21. Donna says:

    My turn. I've noticed how a majority of accounts that are in "violation" are life time paid accounts. Since when did it become illegal to store your paid music in the cloud. Apparently they're backing out of their commitment to "lifetime accounts".

  22. PBohlken says:

    Have a 10TB Lifetime subscription.

    Same happened to me. BOT says i have photos that are offensive. Did delete thoose files, also answered to the claim that i could not even read the files, the 2 photos were pink (probably failed photos) but deleted them….

    And now my account is empty , ALL files gone

  23. tracy robinson says:

    yep. I was scammed as well. Let me know when there is a class action lawsuit.

    • DB says:


      I did face same problem yday, this is high time we all come together and file the lawsuit to get our files back. This is a clear fraudulent practice. Let us create a group to connect Will impacted community. I have sent email to parismexico at proton mail. Let's come together and work to get our things back.

  24. pc lor says:

    please add me to this.. i have loss 2tb of memories

  25. sach says:

    add me to this to… they did same to me all data is lost. never trust them with your data…

    why dont you all go to app store and submit review as what has happened and others are aware.

  26. Bech says:

    same same, 10TB lifetime subscrition deleted because of a couple of songs I uploaded.

  27. Mario J Deciutiis says:

    If you want to keep your data, never EVER use Degoo.
    Out of the blue I got an "infringement" notice that was totally bogus. I uploaded software that I purchased for backup… that was enough for them to just Delete my account with thousands of photos lost.
    I sent them a copy of my receipt showing that the software was in fact purchased.
    Their bot said appeal denied and boom shut down without any recourse.
    The internet is screaming with folks sharing the same problem. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN.

  28. Surya says:

    same for me … hot to get my account back

  29. Richard says:

    Be Very Cautious of Degoo
    I purchased the Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan: Lifetime Subscription (50TB) through Stacksocial and I did read reviews from people suggesting to stay clear of Degoo because they look into customers cloud accounts and find an excuse of using a copyright infringement to ban and close customer accounts who have paid one time lifetime fees and keep your money.
    Because I was purchasing a lifetime account through Stacksocial I felt confident and secure that this would not happen to me and that Stacksocial would not affiliate yourselves with companies with dubious behaviour.

    I uploaded Marketing & Media buying training courses so that I could study the material on the go and received a copyright infringement from Deegoo and had my account closed.

    They are a Swedish Based company owned by Carl Hasselskog, CEO and Co-founder at Degoo.

    Complaints regarding any Swedish company can also be made to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or a general court of law. There is power in numbers

  30. mtku says:

    All the documents and photos of 5 years were deleted for me, as soon as they said to update the version, even though I asked them for all the documents and photos to back up on the computer, I still haven't received an answer and they are dragging me for 4 months.

  31. R Caligari says:

    I also have a life membership and received a copyright warning, when I searched my account for the said file it was not there. I appealed and told them but they denied my appeal and are cancelling my account anyway.

  32. B says:

    The bot did the same false-positive for me.

    I am (was) a 10TB lifetime subscriber.

    The photo which was flagged by their bot was a picture of a sermon from 1917. I mentioned in my appeal wording that the age of 105 years was far past the 95 year standard currently used for copyright laws, and gave some other explanation with two more supporting factors.

    I still received a quick reply the next day (today) that my account was now closed.

  33. Chris says:

    My 500 GB account was deleted withour prior notice!!! All my work files are gone. What's worse customer support doesn't answer!!!! WTF are they doing???

  34. Jimm O. says:

    Did anyone ever get any resolution? They deleted over 200 gbs of mt data… all, of my music and precious phot9os … most of all my video collection of videos that have been scrubbed from the internet… and I was a paid lifetime member.

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