Tor Browser 9.5.4

SicherheitThe developers of the Tor bundle released Tor Browser 9.5.4 as a bundle on August 25, 2020. I just got the update delivered automatically.


According to the release notes this should be the last update in the Tor 9.5 development branch. The update also updated Firexfox. Here are the changes from the change log.

Tor Browser 9.5.4
Release Date
August 25 2020
For the most up-to-date information about this release, visit our website.
Release Notes
* All Platforms
   * Update Firefox to 68.12.0esr
   * Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2020.08.13
   * Update NoScript to 11.0.38
* Windows + OS X + Linux
   * Bug 40019: Onion-Location should not be processed on .onion webpages [tor-browser]

The download may be obtained on this site.

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