Vivaldi 3.3 with 'Break' Mode

Vivaldi 3.3 on desktop and notebooks comes with a break mode, a new default theme for the private window, clickable sharing of URLs in the address bar, basic domain highlighting, and improved tracker and ad blocker.


The developers have released the new version of the Vivaldi 3.3 browser for desktop systems and notebooks. They especially promote the new break mode. This feature allows you to 'mute' the browser so that everything is turned off. This Vivaldi feature is intended to improve the work-life balance and allow you to concentrate on activities outside the browser.

The developers have also included a brand new default theme for private windows. Users can even set a custom theme for private windows, which makes it easier to visually distinguish between normal and private windows.

Users can now crop and click on parts of the URL in the address bar and easily identify legitimate or malicious web pages by highlighting the base domain in the URL field. This is an important security feature. The integrated tracker and ad blocker now supports rules that allow you to surf even more safely.

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