Microsoft SQL Server 2019: Cumulative Update 7 pulled

Windows Update[German]A brief information for administrators of a Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Microsoft warns about the cumulative update 7 (CU7). The update released in early September 2020 has been withdrawn due to issues and should not be installed. If you already have CU7 installed, uninstall it and wait for a revised version.


Cumulative Update KB4570012 for SQL Server 2019

Cumulative Update 7 (CU7, KB4570012) was released in early September 2020 for SQL Server 2019 on Linux and Windows. Cumulative Update Package 7 (CU7) for SQL Server 2019 contains fixes that were released after the original version of SQL Server 2019 and updates the SQL Server and Analysis Services components to the following builds

  • SQL Server: Produktversion 15.0.4063.15, Dateiversion 2019.150.4063.15
  • Analysis Services: Produktversion, Dateiversion 2018.150.34.22

A list of the fixes can be found here. he most recent cumulative update for Windows can be found in the Microsoft Download Center and in the Microsoft Update Catalog. It must be downloaded and installed manually. Under Linux, the repository must be configured (see KB4570012).

Do not install CU7 because of issues

KB article KB4570012 has been updated as of September 24, 2020, and informs that the CU7 should not be installed due to serious issues.

Known issue

There is a known issue with using database snapshots in SQL Server 2019 CU7. Note that using DBCC CHECKDB is also affected because it generates a database snapshot. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update (CU).

  • If you had downloaded the CU7 package file before Sep-23 2020, it is advised to not install it. Instead, wait for an upcoming SQL Server 2019 CU announcement.

  • If you have already applied SQL Server 2019 CU7, please uninstall it, until a new SQL Server 2019 CU is released. If you created a database snapshot with CU7 installed, plan to drop the snapshot before or after uninstalling CU7.

More details will be made available as soon as possible in the SQL Release Blog.

There is a known issue with database snapshots in SQL Server 2019 CU7. If you have downloaded CU7 and not yet installed it, you should not install it but discard it. If you have already installed the update, you should uninstall it and wait for a revised version. A corresponding Techcommunity article also contains this warning. So you have to wait until October 2020 for the updated patch. The Register has addressed it here and also points out issues with Microsoft Azure. 

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